Keeping With The Present

As the images blared across the television I recognized the area. There is a different connection when one has actually lived in a place where the news is occurring. I used to walk around that area and even had a pint or two over there when I was there. Those people who were told to lay down were in a place that I had a good time in. 

My life has moved on from then and it is in a better place. A better place in the sense that I am happier living and developing a long lasting happiness. Unfortunately for those who lost their lives in the last few incidents they will not get a chance to do that. 

I am focused on the present and the direction that I want to take in order to continue this state of happiness. This state after all is always precarious as it needs so many outward factors to be right in order for it to continue. It needs to be funded by work, it needs sound health, it needs dedication amongst so many other things. I am fortunate to be here and was fortunate to experience being there in London and the UK. 

I’ve been reading a lot about he state of the world. It seems that the various forces are in disarray and that they continue to fight amongst each other. Politics have morphed into something that is out of touch with the population. Part of that is due to the coverage and the talking heads that give their opinions. Part of it has to do with the people vying to be the representatives in the chambers of power. It is not a job that appeals to many as it is carries a lot of pressure. 

What we end up with are people that are ideologically driven and then they force their ideology into the population. The ideology is what allows them to carry on through the pressure. There are always those who will agree with them and there are always those that disagree. 

My own personal politics is rigid with respect to openness. There is something to be gained by openness and acceptance. Problems are easier to manage if they can be seen and examined and not hidden behind an agenda. My personal politics are always evolving but it is easy to see how hatred can enter into the equation if my mind closes behind clouds of a darker ideology. 

Our modern times allow us to see through technology places where we are not present. It allows us to connect and express. Words of those that are in charge reverberate and their politics are exposed as they spin their opinion for their particular purpose. For all of this madness to change a lot has to happen and a lot has to be invested both in terms of time and resources. I don’t know if there is enough fortitude within them to make that happen. 

The problem in my opinion has to do with self worth. There are all of these statistics that describe how much people have to live on. There are all those places where people struggle to survive. Then there are the few who live in such opulence that they cannot understand the reality that so many people live in. Those lords of sorts view the fortune of their birth as a right to impose their desires on the rest. Often times these desires are to the detriment of people and the environment. 

That outside world I have no control over. The only control I have is over myself and even that is tenuous as there are habits and needs that need to be fulfilled. So I focus on myself and my partner in life because if change is going to happen it has to happen in my immediate vicinity first. I have to be what I want the world to be. 

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