Stricken Down

It came on pretty quickly on Friday afternoon. We were having such a lovely chat Chrl and I, went to get up to get a glass of water and the shivers started. Strange I thought to myself. I better lay down. 

I lay down and covered myself up continuing to shake. There was no pain besides just a few tender spots close to the groin. The shiver felt like a shiver when one gets cold outside and the body needs a few shakes to jump start metabolism keeping homeostasis in check. These shivers differed in that they didn’t stop they would come in waves. I called out in a weakened voice for my dear to see me in case it gets worse in case it turns into some sort of emergency. Just in case. 

Chrl lay down beside me and asked if I was cold. I contemplated my answer because I didn’t know if I really was. Was this some sort of a reaction? Was I getting sick from something I picked up at work? Did I forget to wash my hands? Or was it something else? My mind was racing at the same time keeping track of what was going on. The extra blanket proved that I was feeling cold. My body detected something really wrong and it was mounting a defense. 

I focused on my breathing as we lay there intertwined. There is something to that healing touch that comes from sharing what we’ve got. Slowly those waves of shivers slowly subsided and I felt a great amount of soreness all over the place. I had a great thirst and I had to pee. I went out for some fresh air to assess how I feel. 

I felt like I worked really hard at something. Like my body expended a great deal of energy. My head wasn’t hearing before but it was starting to now. I just experienced a strong immune response to something. If it was food related there wasn’t the urge to bring it up. The soreness in the groin was a lymph node that had swelled up. Is the swelling going down I will have to monitor for the next couple of days. I felt tired like I needed to rest. I gave Chrl the update and retired to bed. 

The last time I felt like this was after getting that reaction to the sandwich at Canada’s famous donut shop. It was quick and it was serious. I was laid out all weekend. I felt weak all weekend. It kind of sucked but did manage to build up enough energy to go out on a date. We spent the whole weekend together and apart bonding closer together. We discussed the nuptials and the ever evolving plan that will help us have a more relaxed ceremony when the time comes. 

Out there in the UK another storm brewed as the election results came in. Naturally since I used to live over there there is a bit more interest in how their politics are evolving. The snap election was called so that the ruling party could gain a stronger mandate in the Brexit negotiations. The whole plan backfired spectacularly. It’s even possible that there might be another election coming up sometime soon. It is interesting to see how the whole thing is evolving. The citizens of the country are revolting and starting to see the ruling party for what it is and not for what they say they are. As of now the whole system seems to be in shambles. 

In the states too there are problems as the ever evolving controversies swirl around the main players. With this much controversy there is bound to be something that comes out and becomes the foundation of a spectacular event that leads to renewal. That renewal will be painful and hopefully will lead to something better. 

As I recover I sleep as tiredness overwhelmed me. It was convenient that I happened to have an extra day off on the Monday. I spent it trying to catch up on things that should have been done already as I had planned. I made a great big pot of bolognaise sauce that will nourish us for a while as requested. I then joined Chrl for a hot yoga class a new activity that we have started doing together. There I try to forget about everything and focus on excecuting the poses as best as I can. The sweat represents effort and I feel it after every class in my body. 

The next day I hobble along as my foot has some kind of pain around the third metatarsal joint. It is a combination of pose and walking in flip-flops. It is my body getting used to the effort I am putting into the activity. With each class I can feel improvement as I am able to bend into the full expression of some poses. I enjoy this new activity and the time we have walking back slowly through the city that is basking in the setting sun. We discuss our day and how we managed to get through the difficulties that arise. We also find good things that happened during our days and share them. 

It was strange to have such a strong reaction to whatever it was that triggered such a strong response inside of me. I have to trust that my body responded in the correct way to whatever it was. After falling down getting up is imperative. 

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