Detergent Theatre

Snippets of information filters through the sieve and ends up presented to my imagination. Some of these accounts are verbally recounted by those around me while some of it is read online. It made me think of those daily dramas that get shown on television. Those shows that began their life selling soap to an unsuspecting audience way back in the day as the shows dramatized the lives of fictional characters and became integrated into the lives of housewives all over the world. Each nation has their own. Risque relationships between characters that shouldn’t be having them or wouldn’t otherwise… or would they?

“Life imitates art, or do we imitate it?” As the world increasingly comes to resemble a stage where those whose voice is able to boom through the noise this detergent theatre is a parody of the fiction that once dominated soap sales. Think about the latest cycles of news as the world’s greatest democracy struggles between two potential leaders. Each day brings a new tidbit of information that is either true or it isn’t. What do they call this time? Post truth politics so the truth doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is whether or not it is believed. If enough people believe it than it must be true. 

Thoughts that passed a few days ago as where I am and who I’ll be spending time with during the course of my days here became clearer. History has kept people here. They did not leave during various conquests or hardships. Those peoples descendants are somewhere else now. Some of those still here are leaving even though their house is everything that they ever dreamed of. There is a bit of life that’s missing here. The lure of a better life somewhere else is a big draw. I know the feeling. This thought has been ruminating through my subconscious as I’ve tried to ignore it and maybe brush it aside. Hence these thoughts about the greater world beyond this immediate topography. Hence as I listened in on the lives that my colleagues lead it intermingled with some lost forgotten ditty that introduced another episode of As the world turns these are the “Days of Our Lives.” 

Maybe since our lives are kind of depraved of material wealth our lives deal with statistically prevalent situations a bit differently. There is that “get on with it” attitude that is necessary because the alternative seems like an easy way out. It’s not how problems get solved just avoided. Although that woman in Italy probably had a bit too much of dealing with it. Sad really how some people take others for granted and how society has two faces. One that’s seen in public and one that’s unseen but felt through its behavioral effects.

As colleagues we are public and what we reveal to each other differs from what we reveal to our patients and what we keep hidden. There are moments however when we reveal our hopes and plans and how we see them unfolding. Not all of us are in such positive points however. Some are recovering from significant moments where lives were changed and where there are whispers as they live in a small community. 

This is the real. Away from the media that is slowly eating itself as it pushes virality and forgets contemplation. A long time ago the concept of subjective relativism crossed my path. It is based on the premise that everyone is entitled to their opinion and that everyone has their own point of view that should be respected. While that on the surface sounds like a great thing digging deeper one finds that there are inherent problems like who is right when there is no agreement? This concept can be expanded into cultural relativism where a culture has the right to practice its customs however they want to. Once again we can see a problem developing there. These concepts have crept up in my readings of late. Some as a direct confrontation to that philosophy by way of arguing that logic and reason should be utilized in figuring out what should be done and as critiques of modern life. 
Days at work are all simmilar to each other. The written word as opposed to moving frames informs my opinions as a random stream of articles passes before my eyes. 

It is a mixture of topics that ranges from science to tabloid, serious to farcical, interesting to err… it’s got to be interesting for me to finish the article. I also need to have the time to finish it. The compulsion to check for the latest occurrences grows as the lack of alternatives decreases. I could be writing more but I’m not. Some good thoughts have come and gone. I haven’t found the groove yet since coming here. Maybe as well it has been kind of a break. A time to reflect on my own soap opera of a life. 

As I listen to other’s stories I take away positives and negatives in order to navigate my own channel. Placing myself in their situation I can probe to see how they will or have directed their energy in order to overcome their obstacles. Maybe youthful vigor has dissipated somewhat from my body but that doesn’t mean that applying good ol’ experience and thought should not be utilized. In fact it is something that will be relied on more and more as time progresses forward. 

If anything what is apparent is that time is of the essence. As spectators in some drama not if our own creation we become armchair critics yet are these just knee jerk reactions to what we are calculatingly presented or do we really believe it. It seems that in some cases we believe the hype to our detriment. In some cases what we see is the truth but we can’t recognize it.

A year from now there will be a whole new crew of people working here as different stages in everyone’s lives occur and that’s just in my immediate vicinity. We move through our daily tasks in order to be able to sustain our lives outside of work. This takes its pound of flesh imperceptibly and perceptively on a daily basis. Stress at work has a detrimental effect on the other half in the relationship. This is only temporary we say to ourselves and soilder on. 










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