We are prompted to posit our hopes and wishes in a positive sense. What do we want to happen and how can we make it so? What do I want to happen and how can I make it so? At this early morning hour with the traffic of the morning rush traversing a lightly moistened street I think of these things. 

What would be great is having a job in place when I move to Saskatoon. A job hopefully at one of the hospitals there in the city. If that job would be secured then Chrl and I would be able to begin living our lives together focusing on being together. We could live in our little flat as we both pursue our individual paths together for the next bunch of years. In those years we would take a few trips together. In the deapths of winter somewhere sunny and tropical and untie summertime take a road trip through the states to see what they are all about. 

In these next few years we would take steps towards formalizing our relationship in the eyes of law and society like many citizens do. We have been rebels forging a path for so long and now we could be rebels together. Our individual lives intertwining having finally found someone who fits into each other’s lives. This was a hope and wish before and now it’s time for the next part to evolve. 

We will be in the praries far away from the rest of our families but we will enjoy our time together as we have all our times until now. We will enact all those missing pieces that make sense when there are two people working together. It’s easier with two when working in tandem towards a greater goal. A synergistic effect takes hold that increases the capacity of each individual component. We would work towards a family. 

I am looking forward far far ahead because right now it just seems like I am passing time aimlessly trying to get my bearings straight. The mind has a way of swaying to and fro dredging up thoughts that dissuade from my intentions so I’d like to state them in order to make them so. 

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