Shifting Plans

Easing into the week was not in the cards. Absence and a heavy workload contributed to a higher average that we each had to carry throughout the day. Being busy is good but it does lead to stress and complaining about it won’t make any of it any easier. We worked together as best as we could in order to get it all done. 

There was a delay in getting one of the kits made. The delay was needed in order for it to be properly made. These kits are injectable and as such the strict requirements need them to be produced under certain conditions. This one particular kit needed fresh eluate and that takes time after the first milking of the generator after a long weekend. It needs time to regenerate. Luckily this was noticed last week and the schedule was adjusted but we still ended up with a delay. That delay ended up being insurmountable. 

Stokie Oat Cakes are a traditional food in this region. Em was going to make some for me and we were going to hike up to some point where there is a 360 degree view of the area. I had brought a change of clothes and was looking forward to this little adventure. Our delays kiboshed these plans. Em had to stay behind and finish the work. There is a prohibition on me staying and working overtime here. The amount of work that was left would have been too long for me to stay and just hang out. Besides I could do some other things at home. 

By the time I reached Stafford clouds had become thicker and greyer. Rain began to fall as I made my way from the station. Should I huddle under some awning or doorway in order to wait it out? If rain persists and it’s falling hard tomorrow what will I wear? I don’t really have a rain jacket so I thought I’d stop into the super shop along the way. Walking the aisles in the clothing section made me realize that they have a poor selection of weatherproof jackets. All I really need is a thin shell of a coat enough to layer over top of what I have already. I’ll look for something better at some other shop over the weekend. I need something somewhat stylish. 

The rain eased as I made my way down the garden path that follows the River Sow. I’m hoping that one of these days I’ll have success in catching that elusive woodpecker feeding the young. Learning from my previous attempts I now take the camera out of my bag with the correct settings in place. I’m always hopeful that here isn’t anyone walking down the path so that it’s not scared off. They have a tendency to be very still and then suddenly fly off when they detect movement. It wasn’t there and the rain wasn’t falling very hard so I stood there thinking about how long I should wait. 

Off in the distance at the bridge a man was walking down the path. From where I was standing it appeared that he was slinging something over his shoulder. It was brownish and had legs. To me it looked like he was carrying a large dog. I thought that it seemed strange to be carrying a dog like that. The poor thing didn’t want to go any further and the guy was determined to make it go. As he got closer and I was able to see what he was carrying better it dawned on me that he had a tripod with a camera with a giant 500mm lens on it. To protect it against the weather he had a camoflage sleeve covering his gear. He set it down in front of me and proceeded to set up and focus on the woodpecker nest. 

I can’t compete with that and I approached him with my camera in hand and we started to chat. We talked about the elusiveness of this woodpecker and about the dangers of photography as a hobby. He said that he lives closer to here and that he passes through here often. We shook hands and showed each other some shots we had. We talked about the ethics of staying there too long in case the parents are reluctant to return depriving the young of nourishment. 

After getting home I ate and prepared to have a chat with Ba(r)be something I look forward to as there are less than two months left until we embrace again. 

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