Chatty Man

There is this woodpecker nest inside this old branch less tree along this scenic route that I take. This path avoids the bustling street that I’ve walked up and down countless times. My goal is to take a photo of the parents feeding their young who are holed up inside. 

From my previous attempts I know that I have to be ready so I approach with my camera in hand. These woodpeckers are easily frightened flying off at the slightest provocation. I’ve seen them there from a distance but failed to be ready and they have flown off. Today they weren’t there and as I walked past another woman walking her dog was walking towards me. 

As we chatted she informed me that the woodpeckers have been residents of this area for a while. She lives close to here on the other side of the trees and she regularly sees them as they feed from the bird feeder in their back yard. Her neighbors see them too but she didn’t know that this is where their best was. Unless I camp out in front I will not get my shot. 

Continuing on my journey into town on this bank holiday I took note of all the people out and about. It’s a nice sunny day as the rains and thunderstorms haven’t made it up this far north yet. There was a story of someone being killed by a thunder strike in Paris. 

The town was sparse but it was still early. If there is a chance to sleep in why not take it? My time was spent writing about the previous day as normal. Even though the sun was out the wind and shade by the coffee shop was not conducive to relaxing. I moved on to sit in the park in front of the lawn bowling field. A man ran up and down the pitch and was promptly yelled at by some attendant. “This is for bowling only!” The running man didn’t care. As he sat down a few benches over beside me panting. 

After groceries and prep for the next few days the chatting began in earnest. It’s good to have a conversation or a few like I had. It’s been a slow weekend for that as my time has been spent exploring the countryside over the past few days. It has been nice out with no rain and it felt important to do this while I have the chance. 

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