The View Out My Window

My present view out my window is not the best I’ve ever had. As far as views go it is not that bad.


I’ve had worse. There are many views that I no longer own images of. The stored information lost due to technical breakdowns and a lack of foresight to back up religiously. It’s like a black hole.


Each place has had it’s effect on me. There were good times and bad times. Phases in an undulating mood through time.


Found this article in some Newspapers I’ve been keeping around.
Pictures tell a story.

It’s an interesting concept for a project
We each have a story.

Close up.
Drama and intrigue exists in every corner of the world.

Close up.
I have my favourite.


The view from the balcony in Vancouver was the one that had the most impact on me. Many hours spent gazing at the scene before me. There were always people walking by and there was always some traffic rumbling by. Sirens blared quite often as it was and is a main thoroughfare heading east west through the city. Off in the distance the mountains loomed high even though distance made them seem small. Perspective has a way of twisting things in the mind while the rational understood their height. 

The view connected to the flat and the combination of the two compelled me to stay and make things right. Space allows for such psychic escapades. The years passed as did the keys to friends who later in called this place a home. It allowed for a quick visit after years of journeys. It cracked the shell of a spirit waiting to hatch and spread its wings. The view was a welcome surprise when I encountered it at first and consolation before the beginning of another winding journey abroad. 

The view fostered review, being critical of oneself is not always dangerous. Taking a look at yourself while looking at a complex view results in a complex perspective which is what I needed. It lead to a simplification of life and one suitcase to bring with me for the road. Upon my return it became the soil that germinated the garden to which I now want to return to. If we stood in the same spot and looked at the same view we would see similar things but perceive them differently. We embraced with the view looking at us in the background. It motions to the streets and the nature beyond the pavement. It unifies us that view from the balcony. 

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