Idle Motions

Rain returned with a vengeance falling and soaking the sun drenched earth bringing the lush green color back into the vegetation. Flowers bloom from the trees as well as regular planted ones. This idylyc scenery plays out on a daily basis as I move around my limited landscape. Each day is new and each day brings with it something else to admire or think about. 

Relationships the way that items or people interact with each other. This concept weighs on me as the countdown to the day continues and I in my way wait until that day. Mornings and evenings spent conversing with my partner as we discuss and dream and pine for each other through the connection that at times seems tenuous owing to network congestion. Never stop learning never stop growing just keep going. 

In moments when nothing seems to be happening is when great insights that direct action will happen. Insights into personality or situations illuminate my mind. Schism that grows between people usually has a cause or is the result of egos fighting for some kind of domination. Like two bulls fighting over a mare the impact of the clash leads two people to waste their energy on the fight and not the solution that is hanging there. I am far away from such combat unable to offer help or any sort of assistance. Far removed from the centre on the periphery the outskirts in some foreign land. 

One day after another this is the meat of life. As someone once said that life is what happens between events just like music is the silence between chords. It is in these moments that it’s important to live to make the most of the situation however brief. As we talk over the airwaves regardless of the tenuous connection that we have at the time we look at each other and speak with a clear mind. We exchange our ideas and joke in order to laugh to break the seriousness of some of the topics we happen to discuss. The contents of our conversations go into many directions. We lean in close to the screen as if we were moving in for a kiss. It’s in the eyes that we find our truth as we slowly blink during stares and all those facial muscles flex into expressions some deliberate in order to convey our meaning. Communicating through video links is best as we can see and hear each other. 

I sit here every morning after eating my breakfast and recall yesterday. It forms a continuation from one day to the next it helps me to go on as I face all these remaining days. With each day the time grows shorter with each day the time comes closer until we see each other again. 

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