A Nice Day 84

Some days are nicer than others. In this country one knows that it won’t last and while you have a chance go out there and enjoy it. So I left the safe confines of my accommodation and went out and basked in the sunshine. 

Cloud Motions

In the morning while the the town was just getting up I enjoyed my morning cuppa as residents strolled by some hand in hand others looking out after their loud kids. It’s Sunday and it’s not one of those days where a lot happens. Some people queued outside certain shops nervously looking at their watch. Maybe it’s for those reduced knickers or pants on offer that has gotten them so worked up. 

There was some shopping for me to do. It’s the day when I stock up with my provisions for the week or at least for a couple of days. Fruits and veggies are a bit fresher so they last longer for breakfast pots that I now enjoy. My diet has become a lot better and along with that I feel better this is in preparation for summer and my eventual return west accross the pond. 

With my provisions stowed away and with time almost near I went to the field near my place to enjoy the sun in peace. With the dongle I can talk almost anywhere I want. So I sat there in the sunshine and talked and talked ‘n’ talked. Talked with my pops for a while but it was moms I was after. It’s Mother’s Day over there so I had to make this call. She wasn’t home yet having stepped out for a bit. Then I called Ba(r)bs and we discussed many things. It still feels surreal and under the circumstances it should. We are trying to work out how real it will be and how our lives will evolve when we are together in the same place again. I just need to make it through this time now. Need to be disciplined and tend to the fire that burns in our chests. 

It was a nice day. A day to relax and take stock of the now in order to get ready for what is to come. This is just temporary this time will pass. It may be hard sometimes but it’s not that bad. I have to acknowledge that there is some fortune that has shone my way. Listening to that voice inside me head and following an intuition guiding my way. Tomorrow there won’t be time for these thoughts as work will begin clouding these moments with focus on other things that need attention at that present time. 

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