Blank State 88

Sometimes there isn’t much that happens. Nothing that stands out particularly. A day just like any other is alright by me as long as there isn’t too many of these. For now this somewhat routine state will be just fine. There is excitement on the way it’s still kinda far away. 

Certainly the kind of excitement that has descended on this Canadian town would be too much right now. A blaze of epic proportions burning through a lifetime of work and cherished memories. My existence here in the shadows of life is not unlike the life that exists for those out there. The work takes them away from their families for weeks at a time. The financial rewards are the sacrifice made for the greater family good. 

Out here in the periphery nestled close to the action an outsider view is valued. There are things that have to be done that take up my time and each day brings yet another iteration consuming my time. My imagination keeps taking me forward to some time in the future. Amidst the temporary chaos of broken equipment and malfunctioning computers (still šŸ˜) at work glimpses of what will come and what may be shines brightly. 

If there is anything that bothers me I try to formalize it into words. Being tired sometimes doesn’t help but one look from beyond on the screen helps brighten my mood. To some the unknown is scary but to me looking out and staring into the unknown excited the mind with possibilities. After all as the old patients tell me life is too short and you gotta make the best of it. 

Occasionally there are reminders of how life could have gone. Roads once open and inviting now are just paths overgrown with foliage as nature fills the void once reserved for transit. Like a good game of plinko I had many tokens to play with and now that I’ve hit a good prize there is no chancing anymore. Somehow this blank slate has been etched with words of love. 

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