Trip Planning 92

Within all of us there exists an almost infinite amount of potential our pockets however are not filled with infinite means. In order to stretch the proverbial pound the issue depends on timing and waiting. This gave me a chance to really think about our upcoming vacation. What is it that we really want to see? What can we see? How much time do we have? The costs of travel in the summer months are inflated. July and August are the busiest times for operators. Kids are on break the weather is nice who wouldn’t want to traverse accross Europe in that time? 

I made a grid in me notebook and numbered each of those grids with the corresponding date of our time together. The plan slowly comes together as each day has a corresponding city and travel days have their own entry within a box. When traveling essentially backpacking through Europe it’s important to go as directly to the next destination as possible. Have you ever flown and missed your connecting flight or had your luggage go be gone? Missed a train and had to wait? I’ve learned to be direct and if there is a chance of missing a connection making sure that there is an alternative of some sort on the other side. 

It’s different as well traveling with someone else. Keeping their wants and needs in mind as well as pushing the envelope a little bit. It’s easy to mesmerize someone with five star opulence. To present the finest if only for a moment to create the feel that you can provide such things. It’s old school thinking something that’s still present though. Five star costs too much though and there are some cool places out there for a better price. A combination of location, reviews, and pictures finally settles the choice. We will be happy in the locations that I picked. I’ve even resorted to using non-traditional ways renting a place. That b’n’b site is interesting although I’ve already encountered a shifty case. 

So the place was advertised that it could hold two. It sounded perfect giving us a chance to kind of hang out together while I finish work and she gets over her jet lag. I got a response not too long ago saying its unavailable but I could rent the whole house for more than double the price. I’m still churning it over how I’m going to respond. I’m going to respond with a “no” of course. It means that I’ll have to keep looking through the limited stock around here. 

Focusing on these tasks took all of last night and into today. Focusing has a way of moving time through you an interesting phenomenon when you pay attention to what’s going on. I had to make sure I picked the right dates so that I avoid the story I read in the papers of a holiday ruined because the couple chose to fly from Birmingham Alabama instead of Birmingham here in the UK. 

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