Ninety-Seven Dayz

A countdown has begun and with this mornings poor weather the writing is on the wall. Over all there are about eight months left until my departure from this island. As good as it is there is a bit of misery associated with being here and on rainy cold days like this that sentiment is amplified. 

My weekend passed by so quickly there were more things that I maybe wanted to get done but the things that I did were important to get done. Business related things that could have been done more efficiently but nevertheless they occupied my attention for a while. 

Is there a clarity that is emerging from the days spent here? There may be a better perspective and a better outlook. There is a repetitive nature of my observations and topics of thought. The cyclical nature of returning thoughts acts like a centrifuge separating out all the components and sifting them into discrete layers. These layers represent the content of my thoughts. Things that are important or so some of them seem. 

A countdown is a good thing. It gives an anchor to an event. There is pleasure in crossing off a day after its finished. The number itself since it’s lower than a hundred is manageable to comprehend. Peoples lives change in an instant but change also happens slowly leading up to those moments. Once my geography changes and we become reunited the task to maintain and grow together will bring with it new goals that will take time to develop. Life is short is the phrase often used. The passing of our music idols reminds us that we are on this mortal ball for a short little while and to get the most out of it requires motivation to keep things going. 

When we talk we tell each other sweet words. When we talk we also convey to each other our past mistakes and the wisdom that comes with the opportunity that we have at a happy life. A pop star recently released Lemonade or Lemonaid as it sounds from the reviews that there is marital strife underneath the surface. It alludes to the problems that one of the most desireable women around can still have a problem like that. It makes me think of that conversation with my flatmate about the nature of man and his wondering ways. In this day and age in our culture there is no getting away from it or with it. That commitment to fidelity is important. 

What I’m saying is that it’s important to nurture what we have together even though we’re apart. We can’t look at those other people except to learn from their mistakes. To be how eat with each other and make the best of what comes next. 

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