Changing Systems

It’s been a “wait a minute” kind of couple of days. “Did you hear about…” what happened? Just a few things just a few moments and a few more lights snuffed out by the wind. Some lights are brighter than others and their absence changes the way things look. The synchronicity with listening to Sia while reading about the enigma that was Prince made for an interesting juxtaposition.


A lot of time has been spent communicating with Ba(r)be back home. It’s going good or as good as it can be when two people that want to be together are apart. Some saucy conversation sometimes sorts things out if only to break the sadness of some serious topic.

Morning just another short hop to the coffee shop watching the small town folk go about their business. Small town have their charm but they also have their problems. On Friday I noticed that a giant gear had been dislodged from its mount. It was mounted on what remains of the windmill that had stood here for centuries. What remains is the remainder of the last iteration before industrialization finally did it in. Steam power over powered the quaint turning of a moving stream. Someone dislodged it but when could it have been? I remember seeing it up there before. When it landed it made a mighty dent in the pavement below. I tried to lift it but it’s too heavy for me. It didn’t even budge.


They mentioned that there was a system moving in from the north that would make things cold. It’s unusual for this time of year but then again this is England you don’t find warm here. In a small town people carry animosity witnessed people shouting names at each other, names I don’t want to repeat. Their seething dislike for each other became frothing at the mouth. If there weren’t any witnesses to witness they’d be beating each other up. Small town life.

With this wind blowing there were blue patches of sky in between the clouds. It’s a good day to go for a walk. There was this wall of street art underneath this motorway I pass on the train everyday. It’s beside this nature reserve I visited before. Besides the news what’s been on my mind is thinking about the future thinking about the course the next bunch of years are going to take. This is a time that I should use to figure all of this out. My course is charted with respect to the important things fits time to fill in the other details and ask myself “what is it that I want to do?” Besides the obvious who innuendo that already has been cast it’s the what and the how now that needs to be set. In these moments of motion as well as when I stopped I waited for something to bubble up to the surface somethings bound to show up.


There are two directions as well as a few scattered paths in between that have me pondering my fate. It may seem that it’s more complicated keeping another person in mind but I think it makes it easier. A whole bunch of other things got eliminated condensing the number of possibilities some of which are still unknown. I couldn’t reach the street art the marsh was cordoned off and there wasn’t any clear path to get me to that spot. Looking at the topography I’ll have to reach over there through another path. The other thing I wanted to do was to take a timelapse of the sunset. Wandering around the reserve I decided upon a spot.

I took one set of pictures accidentally stopping the process. It was a blessing in disguise as it gave me a chance to put a new card in to take 500 photos in order to make this film. It was bloody windy sitting inside this shelter. It was as if the winds concentrated within. I had to walk outside and leave the camera running. I struggled with the arithmetic but finally came up with a number in my head eighty-three minutes. One photo every ten seconds. My poor choice of clothing was a result of it not feeling as cold earlier. When I stood outside the shelter shielded from the wind it was alright. It was too late to change now. I wondered if the battery would last. The countdown from 80 was especially tough. Only about ten minutes with the low battery sign flashing red. What was going to finish first the acquisition or the battery this curiosity got me glued to the screen. It’s like trying to see how far you can go when the tanks running low. It was the acquisition that finished for those curious to know.

Sunset April 23 2016

Shakespeare passed away four centuries ago. Another curious coincidence about this particular point in time. Obama is in the UK and had drinks with the monarch who is celebrating her birthday these celebrations won’t end any time soon. He weighed in on the Brexit issue and people on the news have been all on a huff because he wants them to stay. There will be consequences people don’t realize and a cost as well. If you can’t beat them join them, then beat ’em. It’s one of “Peter’s Laws”.

This place has been empty as of late. On a Saturday night with the wind gently slamming doors throughout the building. I could hear the doors slamming making it sound as if someone was there but there really wasn’t. I just couldn’t tell weather they were upstairs or downstairs… It didn’t keep me up whatever may come. The isolation factor does come into play and that may play with my head knocking about thoughts. Testing the resolve within curious to see if vocal cords still work at the shop. It’s not falling to pieces, the mind’s still intact. It’s nice to stretch out though and wonder like I did watching the sky. A voice playing through my mind singing loud broken yet defiant, confident in an instant assessment.


The next day again where has the time been spent? The day didn’t waste away just passed idly at bay reading, thinking, writing, experimenting…   The trip to the shop and a coffee in the morning. I found a favourite amongst the three biggies in town. It’s the cleanest and the most efficient and it’s not the transnational behemoth dominating the landscape. It’s not much of a surprise though. This operation is much smoother than the one found at the hospital. There was rain and even hail today. I managed to slip between the downpours that only seem to last for a few minutes anyway. Sometimes all it takes is to move across the street.


Now it’s finally dark and it’s almost time to retire. This weekend blazed through very quickly. It’s the start of a countdown of sorts. Fourteen Sundays until I see my Ba(r)be. If this situation wasn’t so strange… It really isn’t though. This is what we want even if the circumstances moved us apart it is also bringing us closer together. If they ask us years from now how was it that we met and how did we survive we will tell them. We spent a lot of time talking and texting each other. We shared photos of our days taking more selfies than we care to admit. It’s the modern romance in full effect written down as text and the innuendo that rhymes with it. So much depends on what you say and being able to compose, allows us to be clear about it within ourselves. If anything the prospect of our future together is helping me hold it together. It kept me warm in the wind and allowed me to relax and look forward through this process happening now. Things are shifting not only in the outside world but within as well.








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