It’s as if the record is on some kind of a loop playing the same lines over and over again. At least it’s a song that is empowering. A song that wants to celebrate living and putting it all out there. That incredible sense of freedom that comes from letting go of skirt and woe. It’s a song for the moment not a long term strategy. 

As I listen to the daily morning get together of the estate guys who are probably on duty thinking is there anything else they should be doing? It’s nice to have a chin wag like the one they are able to each day in the morning. There is a junior doctor strike that is supposed to run from eight am to five ok tomorrow. This is an unprecedented move my medical professionals but they worry that they will be overworked and taken advantage of. The government wants to have more doctors working the weekends and it’s been suggested that this is just the first of the groups that are going to be persuaded to move into this direction a seven day operation. 

Had a weird thing pop up as I went to check up the feed on fb. Apparently there were some flags raised by the conglomerate that someone with this isp was sending out virulent messages and/or the network wasn’t secure enough. It’s strange that something lake that popped up. The building has been virtually empty for the past couple of days. It’s kind of strange that something like this came up. It kind of scared me and so all the passwords have been changed. This takes a while to reverberate through the system as all the other associated apps find out that they have been locked out. 

There was an interesting website that I stumbled upon and perused. It talks about the various ways that successful people got to where they are right now. If you head over to the main page you’ll find a graphic about nine forms of intelligences that each person possesses. Time and concentration prevented me from further perusal but the site looks like an interesting one and I like the graphics they employed to display the info they wanted to convey. 

It’s still cold here. The weather is making me question being here for the long term. The cold has never bothered me like this before but now lately it has been. Maybe it also has something to do with not feeling quite settled and this system emphasizing this point. The sun this morning is a welcome change but the temperature doesn’t lie. The timer says it’s time off to work I go!

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