Hard Day’s Night

By the end of the day on Sunday the effort put into the previous day’s post had drained me. It wasn’t until the afternoon when the wifi went down that I realized this exhaustion. That is what happens when energy and effort is put into something. It is also a reminder that it’s important to take a measured approach to any project. 

I don’t have an infinite amount of time or resources. All I have is a room in which to work in. There was a lot of learning that went on as mentioned yesterday. What I am glad about though is that I focused on the original idea and followed through with it otherwise I would have been marred in papers still without anything to show for it. 

Creating something even something as simple as a composition from one article was time consuming. It’s funny that my attention span won’t allow me to sit through a movie and yet as this project dragged on my focus was maintained. It even allowed my mind to wonder about what else could be created from this pile of paper. 

As a resource paper is quite ubiquitous in our culture. It is an industry that supports a lot of jobs it’s sad to read about corporate interests wanting to destroy precious ecosystems. Old growth forests have developed over thousands of years but certain people only see money to be made. I’ve planted trees in areas where forests once stood tall and proud. I understand the need for material but the way it’s sold to us and the reality of how it happens is incongruent. 

Moving to this small town to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city has had an interesting effect. In a way by isolating myself my thoughts were turned inward. This inward journey is taking me out to explore the greater world out there. To look at the issues facing us again. The issues society and the world faces are great. They should be illuminated as the bombshell revelation  that will surely ruffle some feathers. How society moves forward as it has always, will have reprocusions. It is only when there is a spotlight shined on these issues that something is done. People have always known but proof has been elusive in this and many other matters. 

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