Novelty Conveyor 

Each day begins anew and brings with it a fresh perspective. Each day has its own climate that has to be weathered. Some days are sunny and bright while others are gloomy and grey. Each of these conditions should be embraced because they are unique to that day. Days have settled into a repetitive pattern of getting up in the morning and then rushing off to work. 

The last few days have been busy at work. Busy at work is good as it makes the days go by faster turning my focus from the interior to the exterior conditions.  The small town has the effect of slowing things down. It is also not as sophisticated as a large city or so it seems on the surface. The way things work here have a lot to do with how things have changed for the people that have lived here all their lives. Novelty comes in subtle forms hence the questions about where I’m from all the time. 

Every day is different because every day I wake up and have to reorient myself to where I am. The dreams that I must have dreamt are quickly forgotten and the initial disbelief turns into acceptance. There is no time to ponder as time is short before I’ll have to step out the door with all my provisions for the day. This morning I had to double back as my wallet was forgotten in the other trousers that I wore. 

If every day was truly the same it would be as if it were some kind of Groundhogs Day. A loop in time doubled in on itself. Maybe if I were employed in some manufacturing plant producing some widget it would seem like that was the case but it isn’t. With each passing day I get closer to reunification closer to leaving. If I was making widgets this would still be the case. People however are not widgets. They have stories and lives they have lead and even though in this department they seem to be at the last stage in their lives some of them still have a vibrancy that hasn’t diminished like their bodies have. 

Each day is a new day with its own particular date and this date will record all those things that have happened and be presented somewhere if it’s relevant. Some of the stories will be shocking and will reverberate through the land. Like yesterday it was announced that a giant steel plant will be closing down affecting tens of thousands of jobs. There was that collapse of an overpass under construction in India that took many lives with it. There was also another controversy with what Drumpf had to say. 

Every story is unique and their circumstances their own. We study them in order to learn and in order to find similarities. Those similarities will hopefully lead us to a new knowledge because maybe those similarities are a new way of looking at things. Sometimes the differences should be studied but often this is way too hard. There was a time when I had some time to think about these things.  Time has come to think about these things again. It is a way of occupying myself and learning from the past to make the future great or as close to it as possible. Lessons from life should be adhered to because some of them came at a cost. 

So I study what I never had time to study and develop new strategies as well as introducing new patterns into my way of life. Hopefully this cocooning will help me metamorphosize into more of what I see myself being. The process of growth in this time of spring will propel me closer to that point. I make note of the changes that have already happened and the developments that have renewed my drive and transmute that energy in a positive way a novel way. 

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