Dinner and Flowers

As I was preparing my dinner yesterday I thought about the process which now happens almost ritualistically. As I’ve become conscious of what I put into my body thoughts about my situation come into my mind. Problems as they arise are to be confronted head on when possible and today I had another reminder of how perilous this situation is sometimes. 

 I’ve been using a scale that I picked up in one of the super shops. At first I didn’t appreciate its small capacity but then I’ve come to appreciate the precision that this affords me as I weigh each component of food that I use to make my lunch. I’ve been weighing the weight of each snack that I consume especially things that come in bulk to get a more accurate measure of my caloric intake. Weighing things in this manner and seeing what the caloric and nutritional value of a food is makes me watch how much I eat. It was sad then that as I weighed how much honey mustard I used on my sandwich the lid slipped off and broke the scale. I suspect that the scale works using capacitance and the circuit is permanently busted. Turning it on and off had no effect on its nonexistant function. No matter I will be sad but I’ll get another one tonight as I do my grocery shopping. 

The kitchen was a bit of a hive of activity. One of my flatmates came in and told me about his day. They were transferring a patient from Stafford to Stoke and they had to be intubated at one point in the journey. He said that he had a feeling something was going to happen. They probably weren’t the best candidate to be transferring them such a long distance in an ambulance. This initial talk segwayed into general talk about the upcoming vote to brexit. The unknows as to what this will do to the economy are profound. The value of the pound is what will be of primary interest to me. I need to worry about it as my whole plan hinges on its strength. An exit would I think lower its value at least temporarily. 

There was a surprise in store for Barbs when she got home. I sent her some flowers following a suggestion made to me by an in law. It felt like an appropriate thing to do and I followed that suggestion. The timeline  for my own brexit is shifting. How long can I stand to be away from someone that I love? How long will the flame of passion burn if the kindling for the fire is so far away? Hence the flowers and a dinner consumed with my thoughts somewhere else. Life is too short to be away from the ones you love. I’m tired of eating dinners alone. 

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