The packed train. 

One would think that it would only be in a major metropolis where there are a ton of people that the trains would be packed. Not so. Up here in the north the trains are just as packed especially now at this time of the day when everyone is eager to get back to their respective homes. We stand together in the vestibule leaning up against any available wall. At least I’m not by the toilet where the periodic opening of the closet lets out the smell of excrement and deodorant. The mixture is foul sometimes. Make sure you lock the door. 

It could be worse. I could have been one if the people standing there in the aisle once hopeful I could get a seat but now stuck since others behind me had the same hope and those in front of me approached from the other door. They stand there now supported by the high backs of the chairs trying to find a focus for attention. There is always the phone and the headphones. How long is this ride? 

Sun streams in from the west as the sun sets over the countryside. It flickers as we pass the trees or the poles depending on the speed. That couple has too many bags. I wonder when I should tell them to move since we are all getting of on that side. Where are we now? How long until we get off? 

The train slows to a crawl and then picks up speed along certain points in the journey. There are works in progress although I’ve never seen anyone out there doing anything. When the train speeds up it rocks us from side to side so we all away in unison all of us stuck on this train. We are almost there. 

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