Managing Time

On a day to day basis routines develop. Many of these routines are necessary in order to sustain a lifestyle and standard of living. Around these scheduled routines the other daily necessities revolve around the allotted time left for them. There are only so many hours in the day and all these events need some time in order to accomplish them. Then comes the problem of a longer timespan. What is to be done about that? How does one manage a week or a month or a year? 

If one is walking down the street and only looks down on the feet it’s a good bet that one won’t trip on the pavement. The trouble is one may become lost because one may not see where they’re going. If on the other hand one only looks upon the horizon and only focuses on the destination one may loose experiencing the splendor of their surroundings and the obstacles directly under their feet. One has to divide their focus between these multiple aspects of their reality. 

It is not enough to just find a goal. Finding a goal that is a worthy destination is desireable and optimal. The trouble is that sometimes that goal lies on a summit that requires more than just provisions for one day. Sometimes the distance and height of these types of goals require preparation. These preparations take time. 

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