Laize Affair Wednesday

The “Big Lebowski” begins to play on the television as I sit here in the pizza shop scarfin’ down. It has been a better day today certainly better than the Dude’s at the beginning of the movie. I just had to say that before I get sidetracked in a different direction.  

When I got there in the morning I felt a bit drained when I saw my colleague looking tired. We both kind of felt the same dragging ourselves into work today. The was not much time to commiserate we were about to embark at completing the tasks that were scheduled for the day. The first patient looked a bit nervous when I began to screen him for the test. After we put him into the magnet he confessed to us that he was clausterphobic. We were way ahead of time and he had some lorazepam to ease his anxiety. It turns out that he got stuck in elevators a couple of times and that is what has precipitated this condition. After letting it kick in for a little bit we proceeded to a successful conclusion of his exam. There was another success with a patient at the end of the day. I didn’t think it was going to go as well as it did. I guess a little humor goes a long way. 

Barbs found some free time and asked if I wanted to have some tea. I was on my way back to the flat when I read the message. I had to think about it for a sec. There are a few strategic chores that had to be done or else I would have to resort to recycling some clothing. That doesn’t really fly with me. I formulated a plan and set out to efficiently conquer it. 

I wasn’t expecting a call from my folks. They usually don’t call and my phone settings make sure that I get the message. There was a plethora of notifications instantly implanting the thought that something serious has happened. I called them on my way to pick up my load from downstairs. There was something serious and they were insistent that I write down this number and call this girl who is the daughter of one of our old customers. He is going to fix my dad’s van. I guess they got to talking about their respective kids and their plight towards family hood. I shouldn’t of have enjoyed that conversation that much but I did think something serious was going on. 

After getting ready and eating I was going to stop off at a coffee place that sells the beans that produces my morning brew. It was close to the line that was going to whisk me to City Hall. Unfortunately it was closed. The hour is late and chatomers do not feel like drinking coffee this late. These are their winter hours. As I was crossing the street I saw an old friend of mine so I doubled back and we chatted for a bit about what’s been happening lately in our lives. From the sounds of it he has the virus that plagued me last year. The symptoms are quite similar. He has had a hard time getting over it and wants to visit the hospital before he starts his shift at work. He’s like its the age it’s catching up to me. While that may be true it’s also the fact that you have a mutated bastard version of what I had back then. He has also been working lots and the holidays are a special kind of stress. 

It’s been kind of strange lately running into people as I go along finishing the list of tasks that I’ve set out to accomplish that day or that limited space of time. It isn’t always like this but it is nice when that happens. 

I finally made it to Barbs’ flat and we had our tea and I admired her outfit that she wanted to show off. Now I’m being a modern man by typing words into this piece of machinery. The mind thinks though of the things we spoke about and the feelings we feel. As we leave this day behind and drift off into another state of existence. 

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