Daily Thursday

It may have been a bit early to leave. I could have snoozed a bit longer wrapped up with you but time came calling. The bus was right there and the train came right on time. There was no line up for coffee and the lights turned green when I crossed the street. There was that one truck that kind of pulled up a bit too far. Thoughts slowly spiraled like the smoke from a smoldering fire. 

Breakfast at the Dish but someone else had their attention listening to the morning talk of adventure and the limits of age. The important aspect is that it was a lot of fun sliding down a hill on a rubber dinghy recapturing the joy that was there when one was five or at least little. That glimmer of light that reflects from the eye. A knowledge that exists between two people knowing that experience. 

It was a special day which was going to be celebrated a bit later. A colleagues last day and after this the joys of retirement. She is still young enough to enjoy it. But before we get to that long there is the ever present slate which will serve to provide us with its own unique set of circumstances to contend with. The interesting pathology that for some reason infected and damaged a hart. We were in awe of it. It was a good study to learn from. Cannulation caused the biggest delay but we managed to catch up almost, by the time it was time for cake. I wasn’t expecting to get one myself. There were way too many sweets. Getting back to work was difficult after that and the case itself wasn’t easy either. In some ways it was kind of disturbing as for the second time today the way infection affects the body was being examined. 

Amidst all of this activity there were private moments where words were exchanged and connections were strengthened. It has been a pleasure to work here. There are a lot of people that have dedicated themselves to this place and the work that gets done. Maybe sometimes amidst the multitude of intricate things that have to be done we loose sight of the things before us and maybe we wonder about life outside of here but our work matters a lot. No one individual can do it all it takes a collection of people that operates as a unit within a grander organization organized around a single goal, to extend a person’s existence. 

There was some packing and organizing that had to be done before my trip tomorrow. I think I’m ready. I should get some rest though. 

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