Writers Block with 64 Days Until Lift-off

It has been a few days since the last entry. The workdays are long and the daylight too short to contain them. This week has been a series of these kinds of days. No use to complain about them they put bread on the table and shelter over my tired bones. 

The one day off earlier spent mostly hunched over the computer reading in search of an insight some thing that could serve as a beacon for the road ahead. It hasn’t been just the one day but most of them this week. Not only do I work sitting in front of one all week but when I get home I’ve been drawn to the screen for some unknown reason in search of a story to entertain my mind. 

I managed to find a deal after all. I managed to secure a flight that will take me back to European shores. Maybe it’s the act of purchasing the ticket in knowing that my life will soon change once again. Time has been passing quickly these last couple of days. I’ve been trying to be more productive but end up being less. My room is a mess that I don’t feel like cleaning up. 

My flatmate had come back from a trip. He who doesn’t travel much went to Montreal. He had a good time. That city knows how to have fun. He said it was cold there and that it got a bit of snow. Enough that if it fell in Vancouver the streets would all go to hell. Lately it has been kinda chilly here. There is salt on the ground to prevent that ice sheen from forming and causing small catastrophes from slipping and sliding all over the place. 

I hung out with Barbs one of these days. She made me some dinner and we talked for a while… It’ll be sad to leave once the time comes but it’ll be for the best. Both of us will be hurt a bit once this chapter comes to an end. However I will be greatful that we had this time together. However brief but certainly intense. We talked about our identities and who we are as individuals. We know we have our goals and dreams to fulfill. These dreams will force our worlds apart into divergent streams. However it is important to enjoy the present now and not look too far ahead. It’s not good to dwell on the future too much for the present will not get enjoyed as much as it should. 

That’s not the case when I’m just sitting there looking for some answer to a forgotten question in front of the screen. Now as I sit here typing away I prolong calling my sis back from when she called before. I procrastinate. But I think I’ll stop typing for a while and make that call…

My sis is tired from all the work too. We had to touch base it’s mom’s birthday on Monday have to make it down there somehow good thing I’ve got some time coming up. It’s another one of those things that I have to get to while I’m still here. 

I need to keep up with this project I’ve started this year. This project has helped me make some things clear and inspired some moves that I need to get done. I am moving forward because I want to do more. I just hope that energy and health will keep up with my desires and carry me through to my goals. 

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