Unexpected Expected

I was thinking about the title as I rode back from visiting the folks. Getting dropped off is a heck of a lot faster than the bus ride. I had my dad’s soothing polka to listen too. Beautifully sung hymns of devotion that are at odds to my modern tastes. Still I understand why he listens to them. 

I came over the night before. It was dark when I set out. It gave me a chance to catch up on the things that were moving through the mind as a way of ignoring the sights and sounds around me. There was one sound that couldn’t be ignored. That older lady coughing incessantly a few rows in front of me. Her hoodie tight over her head and she herself bundled up in a jacket. She looked a bit haggard and her stained fingers clutched a worn kleenex that she kept putting to her mouth whenever the next bout of coughing came on. 

It was supposed to be a quick visit to complete a specific task that is to paint the “garage”. The garage is really a large building on my parents property that used to house the shop where we produced various meat products. The stuff that was being stored there was finally removed. There is still a whole bunch of things that remain inside but the vastness of the space allow it to be safely moved into the middle and out of the way. It’s a bit ambitious to think that it would all be finished in one day but at least it’s a start. 

The whole thing about making it out there after work was that it allowed us to get a move on it in the morning. I have to be back at a relative time in order to make it to work in the morning on Thursday. That plan fell apart as soon as I got there. My sis bless her heart picked me up and drive me the final miles to the house. She informed me that my dad just got back from a hunting trip. He had been out in the bush with his buddies for the past few days. I already suspected that we weren’t going to be painting the next day. 

I figured that sleep would be a good idea and proceeded to retire for the night. I didn’t get good sleep the day before. I kept waking up with weird dreams like someone being upset at me for not saying happy birthday to them in fb. I think the WTF moment that that situation presented said something as to my bewilderment. It was enough to wake me up. There were other things that I can’t recall now. So that coupled with the work day made me sleepy. 

In the morning I got up before my dad which at nine am is unusual for him. My mom was busy with the boys and my sis came back from working a graveyard. My mom informed me that she would appreciate if I could put together some chairs that she bought at their pet project place. I was ok with that. As I enjoyed the view from the back patio I figured that I should take a few pics. It was a gorgeous morning with the sun peering from behind the wispy clouds illuminating the partially barren trees in the back. The coffee was going down and I ventured out into the backyard. My sis had earlier filled the hummingbird feeder on the back porch and we watched these little birds fly and spear each other. I read somewhere an article that talked about the belief that these birds are the most vicious animals in the South American jungle. This was the belief of the indigenous population there. One can find murals depicting hummingbirds as representative of some kind of diety of war. The thought is that since they are so small and require so much energy to maintain their flight they are highly competitive and territorial. They will defend their source of nourishment to the death. Look at their beaks they are pointed and sharp like spears. They startled me sometimes when they flew at fast speed in my direction while chasing each other. They were hard to capture. 

I wondered around and played around with the lens. I like having the ability to focus. Those bees are still buzzing around. I would think that they would have been hibernating by now. Still I got as close as I felt comfortable. Getting a bee sting would not be a cool thing right now. It’s an experiment to see how the lens performs. I took some shots and wondered back determined to get a good photo of the hummingbirds. The goal is to get one midflight in front of the birdfeeder while it’s stationary. I wasn’t entirely successful but then I noticed a deer out behind the fence. It was really silent and I moved slowly to get a better angle but it slowly and quietly walked down into the ravene. There was no way of walking up to it without startling it. 

We had some breakfast and drove out to get the recliners put together. It wasn’t a hard job but my parents like to have us kids doing this work. It’s all the different instructions that come with these things that my parents don’t like dealing with. I put one together and then the other. These things weren’t that easy to put together. It was only a couple of screws but it took effort to piece them in the right order. The bolts had a really low tolerance so turning them felt like they tightened to a strong fit but at the expense of effort with the awkward allan key that they supplied. These leather recliners have a built in USB charger port! A great selling feature along with the foot rests that have a compartment under the fusion that could double as a makeshift rest for drinks or a plate. 

Dad and I shared a beer as we watched the Rememberance Day ceremonies on tv. Dad essentially watched me struggle as we talked. I could tell he was kind of worn out from his trip. He told me how cold it was up there. In the mornings it was below freezing. They never saw or shot anything. He has never been a hunter. He just went out with one of his buddies because of the novelty of it. They met up with a couple of others and cooked their meals over the fire sharing some wine and spirits as well as stories I’m sure. He didn’t really like it. Having been a butcher all his life he said that it would be much better if his friend went and bought himself a calf for slaughter. It would cost the same as what they spent on fuel and the other supplies. He was cold and uncomfortable as they had to sleep in the four by that they drove up there with. I told him that the hunt is part of the experience. He’s like I’m never doing that again. 

We had some dinner when we got back and as the sun was beginning its final descent into the horizon we drove back to have me dropped of at the Skytrain station and he will go and visit a friend to get some honey from them. We had a good day. Mom was happy too as I fixed some issues that crept up after my sis upgraded her laptop to the latest version of Windows. There was some bloatware that was causing a problem along with some much needed updates in other software. The train ride seemed long and by the end of it all that I wanted to do was have a shower, shave and relax with a cuppa tea. 

Having sat over a heater I became cold when I got outside the station. Good thing there is a multitude of stairs to climb. It gets the blood flowing and generates that heat that gives confidence to brave the chilly night on the way back to the flat. They have started to spruce up Robson, the main high street here in Vancouver. The lights flickering on the now barren trees. I had a plan based on what I expected to find when I got to the flat. 

My flatmate had a few friends over. This was a bit of a surprise. It was a quick set of introductions and the beginnings of a chat. We had a bit of an initial discussion and I went to drop my stuff off in my room. I had a few messages to respond to and then I went back out to make myself a cuppa. The boiling process takes a while and I was listening to them talk. They were brainstorming ideas for a YouTube channel that the couple? Or she was trying to set up. 

“Quick! Gimme some qualities that I have.” 

“Give her some qualities that you think she should have.” I said from the kitchen. This a kind of nudge nudge wink wink you know what I mean kind of suggestion. But then no one was saying any so I started with some safe qualities from the observations that I had at the time. They were meant to be positive qualities. At least in the sense that they were just the beginning to get the creative juices going. Indespersed within all of this was the research http rough a basic search as to the most popular channels on YouTube and the amount of money generated by these people. The numbers are staggering. 

As we talked I learned about some of the things that they were involved with in their lives. It turns out that Sukhi is in the unfortunate position for saying something dumb on a reality tv show. It turns out that they are reality tv personalities. Interesting. It was kind of funny to hear the back story behind “is it gluten free?” My flatmate recorded and broadcast the first episode on periscope. It may find its way to YouTube some day. She does have to talk because the spontaneity makes her say and pronounce some funny stuff. 

Anyways that was the day. Nothing as expected. 

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