Great Expectations

The title popped into my mind #showerthoughts. Why is there such a big distance between what one hopes to achieve and where one stands presently? It can all change in an instant you know. 

As far as I can feel I’m tracing my steps and documenting my journey like my friend on his Cannonball run. I wish you wide roads and a pleasant journey. 

I wonder sometimes if this present situation wasn’t predestined. Like I somehow knew I’d be in this conundrum. It was kind of a way of making sure that it was the other road that I should be on and that “there” is my way. I wonder… I wander…

There is no need to be upset or sad. There is a way out I just never expected things to have become so bad over here. If I never left all those years ago I would have been in the same place still. 

I’m still optimistic about the future and attaining some semblance of achievement. That part of me that would be satisfied. It makes the present a bit more tolerable knowing that this is just a part of the journey. 

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