Adjust Reset Adapt

So it goes another day having to get up and behave in a manner that would render me suitable for what’s ahead. Maybe it’s the sleep or maybe it’s just something in the air. Someone has flipped a switch that all of a sudden turns the leaves brown before the vibrant colors of autumn come out. 

There was a bit of the olde “what were they thinking!?” Sending us a client with a diminished capacity and unescorted via the ambulance service. Later on today I’ll find out what the conversation entailed. I’m curious as are we all. It all went well but it could have gone the other way just the same. It is a symptom of the larger system starting to break down. Or so they say or is it just mismanagement on the part of that person in charge. Anyways I won’t dwell on it. 

The question is what to do in the morning before heading of to work in the afternoon? I’ve found some solace in working out diligently if only for a while. Trousers are still fitting well although I get concerned as I sit a lot more now glued to the console. One of my eyes had a twitch at the end of the night. I don’t know if it was the caffeine or the glare of the screen. 

I’m missing out on what could have been an interesting dinner tonight. Damn schedule. I probably would have attended the outdoor Primus concert that was on last night. On the other hand I get to explore all the little cafes serving all day breakfasts around the neighbourhood. I’m making a conscious effort to look at the good aspects of my life. I’ve forgotten to do that for a while. It frees up time to wonder how I’m going to do what I want in the next year. The writings on the wall just have to consult a few more people. 
I’m going to try a few things over the next couple of weeks and see how these things pan out. For now I’ll take the steps that require diligence to shape myself into the form that is there to be found. The spell that this wasted summer had me under is now over. 

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