Another Day Some Other Day

Moments to savor before it commences again. Had a few of those moments yesterday but it seems that with my growing adaptation to midnight finishes my mornings start out later. 

So there is a bit less time to enjoy the day at either end of it. This morning I read an interesting article. It has kind of stayed with me throughout the day as I read others. 

What it talks about; quality of life and how our race towards efficiency and profit is not taking into account counter intuitive models. We want “better” in everything yet sacrifice it all on the altar of cheap. Articles like this add to my cognitive dissonance regarding my future. 

The part of me that wants to stay is lazy and sentimental for something that maybe isn’t really there/here. It’s the same part that may make it seem like it is so much better over there. The “green lawn” is much greener over there. 

Had a nice chat with a couple of patients yesterday. One of them described the culture here in an interesting way. She told me to go. The other didn’t really know what kind of prospects he had when he got back. He’s been here for four years and it looks like he has been having fun here. 

I’m going to start my preparations in October  whichever way it all goes. 


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