Social Excursions

It was all so well composed. It didn’t save though. It’s frustrating but here is another version. Maybe the first wasn’t as inspired as it could have been. Fueled by the flow of persistence and introspection as well as social lubricants in the form of ethanol. 

Saturday Morning: a morning like many others. Today however I had a task to do. I needed to send out a fax to the UK. These are the formal papers that deal with the fraudulent purchases made on my account by those that picked up my lost wallet all that time ago. The first place was closed. Then I figured I’d go to Staples. That took me through the city. 

I recall getting to the service desk and finding the menu detailing the prices for an international fax. Six bucks for the first sheet and four bucks for each additional sheet. I must have looked like I had some kind of a learning disability starring at the prices making sure my eyes followed the dots to the right number. I balked at this and googled other places where I can get these services. 

I found a place further in the city that turned out to have a more reasonable fee. Four for the first page and a dollar fifty for each additional page. 


The lady at the UPS store was quite nice. We chatted as the faxes were slowly transmitting over the analog line. The mall was eerily quiet on this day. It is Saturday after all. 

Today’s update has been marred by technical difficulties. I almost lost this one. There was some frustration at the thought of writing about my weekend for the third time. 

I got back and got ready and then headed out again. There was no rush to make it to the party on time. I planned to be a few hours late anyways.  When I got there there was an open door and a balloon with the words “the party is inside” on it. It floated erratically in the wind. 

I met the cousin said “happy birthday” to the birthday girl and hello to the host who invited me here. They were preparing the food by spreading it out onto the plates. The host was eating some lamb and she shared it with me. Soon she had a task for me to do. I had to install some new lock and switch some old ones around so that the whole of upstairs could be locked. Apparently there were some people that were coming over that she didn’t know and was a bit paranoid about the valuables upstairs. 

The drinking and talking started in earnest. I needed one to help with the task at hand. I had to MacGuyver some of the locks into place so that they could work properly. After finishing up more people started to show up and soon I found myself the only male in the room. They asked me if I found this strange but I didn’t. I wonder if they found it strange. 😐😉😊

There were some whispered conversations that I wasn’t privy to some gossip that I can only put together. Needless to say as more and more people showed up the conversations passed from one to another in between shots and the cake as well as some karaoke and infighting about the music. 

At some point I realized that it was getting late. This house is far from me and most of the people here I don’t know that we’ll and they were going to be raucous to the late hours of the night. I still had time to visit a couple of places in my way back to the flat. 

I’m glad I did stop by. There was time to chat with my friends new and old for a while. That one door girl really wants me to come back. She said she liked the style with which I handled the crowd. I looked into her eyes but she had to go back to work. My friend said that he wasn’t going to hire me just to do pat downs. 

I stopped at another spot where my friend was manning the door. He had a look of exasperation as the dark moody electronic music blared from within. Many took refuge in the alley in order to compose their altered minds. I moved on as the winds picked up and kept me up all night. Sunday was an off day and now it’s back to the grind. 

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