Project: Me

If there is anything or anyone that needs some working on it’s me. Roughly hewn and in need of a polish maybe with enough work it’ll get there. Like any big project some thought must be made as to the strategy with which this can come about. It is not through some kind of miracle or some kind of a quick fix that this will happen. 

Projects when they are successful require careful planning and a commitment to seeing them through. It won’t happen overnight or even in a coupl of days. Sculpting takes time and practice.

This is not a project that is starting from nothing. Some foundations have been laid down and structures erected upon them. There are systems in place that must continue operating while this project is underway like that hotel off in the distance undergoing restoration. 

Resources and sources need to be gathered and focused towards the goal. The goal… That has to be established. The means to an end that result that is off in the distance. I gather my thoughts and wonder about this end knowing that a small miracle is needed a bit o’ luck would be nice. Work however is still required as it increases my chances for this project to be successful. 

As I walked today before sitting down here I thought of some of the things I read today and realized that I don’t feel my age. In the greater scheme of things when compared to my cohort I dont feel like I’m supposed to. I have more in common with the millenials and their disenfranchisement with the world. 


It’s good to have a chat with an old friend to help put things into perspective. His perspective has changed with the addition to his family. He can’t hide his happiness. He said that I have to think about my happiness. He said that it’s not that I don’t belong here it’s that I belong there more. 

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