Nelson in the Kootenays

Nelson is a quaint little town in British Columbia. It’s kind of a magical place that has a certain draw to it. It has this artistic core and natural predisposition towards an organic existence. It’s history and evolution has created a really nice atmosphere in which to exist and live. 

It’s Robyn’s birthday and there was an impromptu singing of the Birthday anthem in the morning. Her two kids, her mom and myself all contributed to the bounty that is usually bestowed upon the one who’s special day it is. Over the early morning coffee and subsequent breakfast the conversations flowed naturally. Kids especially sons have an abundant amount of curiosity and energy even at such an early hour. 

I was conscripted to play with the kids on the trampoline. They kept making all the rules fighting me and each other. They were jumping all over me wanting piggy back rides and it was kind of fun slamming them gently onto the trampoline. I was weary to try not to hurt them. They are quite young but mature for their age and engaging each vying for my attention as I’m someone new that they haven’t seen for a while. Needless to say I was quite sweaty at the end of the session. It was kinda fun dangling them upside down though. 

We took a trip into the city. The rain subsided from the previous day and although the clouds were still looming overhead we ventured into the city. We had some breakfast slash lunch in one of the local bakeries. The historic Baker Street has all the shops that a town would need. It has retained the original buildings from the time of its inception. They are filled with various different types of artsy shops with quite unique designs. There are also many different restaurants, coffee shops as well as antique shops. 

Having kids is a full time operation. There is constant jostling for position and dominance. They are full of energy and the associated swings of mood and behavior. Their attention swings from one thing to another as they learn about the world and keep growing into members of society. 

We stopped at one of the parks by the lake as Robyn was telling me about the crazy wind storm that they had at the end of June. There were a lot of trees that were brought down and they are still clearing the fallen trees. The park however contained this labyrinth that had a weird echo effect in the center of it. Was this intentionally created? How did this effect come into being? Something to think about at some later time. 

If anything coming over here is a time to relax and have a good conversation about life. We have known each other for a long time and it’s nice to have friends like this to talk about things that have been in my mind. It’s also a way of discovering alternatives and potential directions…

We had a nice dinner with the whole family it could have been a trying experience if the kids weren’t as well behaved. After all that it was a trip to the Dairy Queen which I am told is a big deal around these parts. There is no McDonalds here or many big multinational stores. 

We are off to the market and getting everyone ready is a challenge. 

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