Hanging Out 

Kids have a lot of energy and they have steadily been recruiting me into their games. Their age difference is similar to my brothers and mine. Their rambunctious behavior and inquisitive nature makes me think of the relationship we had together. We still have that I think but it has matured into an adult one. 

We went to the market in between the rain. Every Wednesday a portion of the Baker Street was closed for the local markets and there were found many retailers selling their wares. The local produce looked great as did some of the local crafts. 

After tasting some of the vodka a bit too early in the day but what the heck, I decided to buy a bottle. It was clean tasting having been triple distilled and filtered through a column of activated charcoal. 


After leaving the market just in time before the rains came it was time to hibernate a bit. I don’t remember the show we watched. We talked a lot about life and the different problems each of us face and have to deal with. When the rains passed the trampoline became a way for the kids to burn some of that excess energy off. They needed me to help so I obliged. It was kind of fun and here is where those memories of playing with my brother came back. 


Robyn and I talked late into the night. The kind of conversation that old friends tend to have except now it dealt with the more adult topics that were never considered when young. I’m just waiting for a ride to get me back to the lower mainland they are a bit late but let’s see how it turns out. 

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