Smooth Day

Ice Cube had a rhyme where he described having a good day. My day I must say was more of a smooth day. It may have started kind of early but as I went out the door and walked up the hill got a hello from a stranger as we passed each other walking along the road. 

The skies were warm and the day had comfort the coffee tasted good and I had plenty of time to get in. It was my turn to open things up according to the schedule my patient showed up early and was a fun interaction from the start. The test went smoothly and she even gave me a tip to which the next guy quipped “is that how you get paid?” I rebutted his observation about how rare such a thing is and went on to say that this is how it’s just a way that someone showed appreciation for the service they got. 

The fun just continued the slate was full of charm I even had time to fit in cases that had to be done. It was a calm relaxing day even though I read the news about the tragic demise to those news workers lives. There needs to be a good spirit within people’s hearts for all of it to work well and be an easy ride. A bit of investment in time and effort goes a long way towards this end. 

Had a good lunch and an easy end to the day. Came home and wondered around the west end thinking about how well today went. It’s harder to write about happy and smooth… About how lovely it is about a bit of bliss. Romantic notions of how it could be if only… Those pass through the mind just like the info about future plans to build and expand. 

The thing that I need to do is get a good nights sleep it’s not that I’m tired it’s just that I haven’t had quite as much as I wanted. With the sun set over the horizon putting an end to the day I must now retire and hope that tomorrow is just as good as today. 

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