Last Sunny Day

The forecast has called for rain and cloud to come our way. Tomorrow will be a rest day so rain is not a welcome sight. The trees along with all the vegetation sorely needs some rain though. The lush green has a tinge of dryness from all these weeks of dryness. 

My morning self improvement has hit a bit of a wall with the early morning starts. My good habits have gone astray since I haven’t had any regularity to my schedule. All there has been are long days spent earning. 

At work we paired up it’s nice to have an extra pair of hands. Somehow the efficiency has improved although the cases have been a bit more challenging. It wasn’t as smooth of a day as the day before. It’s still important to have as good of a time as possible. To share a few jokes and a bit of laughter amidst all that we deal with. 

By the time I finished and got home and made some kind of a meal sleep was the order of the day. I listened to a program talking about the state of affairs and the trends that are driving the forces behind the turmoil in the markets. We live in an interconnected world that synergistically feeds and reinforces fluctuations. One blames the other when the real culprit lies somewhere else. This whole thing is a giant spectacle but I’ll still have to add this to my calculation. 

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