Ten Weeks in Canada

thinking up a title daily is sometimes a difficult task. The calendar app provided an easy way of counting back. It was on a Tuesday that that plane landed. Sitting in a Japanese style restaurant waiting for that extensive meal that was ordered. This is after visiting a friend and hanging out on the patio. 

Our last conversation was a while ago. The new diggs are in a new development that was passed on the way home many many times. There was never an opportunity to visit and explore inside until now. They have three patios in their townhome. The roof garden offers the best perspective over the surroundings. 

That food was delicious. There won’t be an extensive gallery of food porn like displays. That is not really that necessary. There are sporadic bursts of people walking by the front of the restaurant. Try to make some eye contact with some of them in between typing more words. Starring can put some of them off. Wouldn’t want to upset anybody. 

Strange coincidence to see them walking down the street later. We just had a visit together and they were going to go to some secret dinner dressed all in black. It was over by the time they got there. The hipness has a time frame and a limit. The shops on Robson illuminated the conversation as we dreamily walked on in our own directions. The effects of the earlier session still having a hold. 

Had to have another as home was approaching. That kind of luxury is forbidden inside the residence. The flatmate is home and it’ll be interesting to have a conversation with him. 

The topic of discussion after getting back was the world and the general state of affairs. He’s a bit pessimistic about the upcoming times. There is a sense that our generation has somehow been shafted. It is becoming increasingly difficult to make a decent wage and the diversity of opportunies is low. That distance between having and not having is great. A house costs a cool mil in this city. This generation is made up of economic survivalists and opportunists. Because of that everything has become more expensive and thus the opportunities to make cash become a draw. Finding your bliss and making enough to thrive is harder now. This vision was seen career choices were being made. This field will always have work. That’s the nature of radiology and health care in general. 

Just read the title again. Ten weeks of being back here. All the pores and senses are opened and tuned to the frequencies. That k-space will turn into a vision once all the factors are considered and computed.  

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