A Lot Doesn’t Seem Like Much

They need space and the stuff they have been holding for me is taking up precious volume. Up on the bookshelves and under the house. As well as scattered throughout. That space has value however much it really is. 

The ferry ride over the water was a peaceful one. The sun shone brightly warming up the cool breeze that is always present over the water. A plume of smoke blighted a sliver of the sky. The haze extended from the source but never reached the height of those little fluffy clouds up in the atmosphere. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a road trip like this. 


The drive seemed longer than it was really. The winding highway revealing a sight around every corner. That split second frame just wishing to be captured but there is no stopping for pictures the impression can’t be captured on film. Driving in a mini van without a rush is more of a cruise than a drive. 

When I got to my brother’s house he was out back cleaning up the backyard. He didn’t hear me knocking. So I walked around the townhouse trying to sneak up on him. He wasn’t phased by my attempt. After hello and initial greetings he asked me if I got a chance to get him those hands-free headphones he so desperately wanted. I had to make a quick stop in Tsawassen at a store that sold that particular style and brand he is so fond of. They only had one pair for a price that was double the web advertised price. I prepared for the haggle but there wasn’t any fight. 

There was a bunch of boxes sitting there in the back. I asked him to get me some to save time so that I can just show up and pack. There were a lot of boxes and I asked him how much stuff do I really have here? He said quite a lot but wasn’t really quite sure. We started fishing stuff that was under the house. But first we had to get rid of the rat that was caught in the trap. 

“Hmm… It’s been a while since I’ve been down here:” my brother said as we examined the mummified remains of the rodent. We pulled out a bunch of boxes and only one of them was mine. There were two bookshelves but not all the books were mine. I grabbed the stereo and the scanner as well as my speakers along with some assorted stuff. All in all there are about a dozen boxes half are going to be stored. They want to create some space so that they can baby proof their house. The little guy can crawl now and he can even stand. When he was on my lap he spilled my water all over the place. I encouraged him to slap it splashing it all over some more. My brother shook his head for encouraging this but then again I’m his uncle and have to encourage this kind of behavior. 


We had a long chat over a drink talking about the state that we find ourselves in. Me the intrepid wonderer and he the rooted family man. My choices are still many and his seem to be defined. The little one does put things into perspective. He is slowly expanding his business and planning for what’s to come. He questions my multitude of ideas and asks “what do you really want?”

I had to be up early to load up the van and catch an early morning ferry. There is a fair bit of driving to do before dropping off the van. The early morning was greeted by the sun as I drive away. Like a thief in the night I spirited myself away. I realized I never paid enough attention to where I was always driven and made a couple of wrong turns before I found my way. The morning drive to the ferry was blissful as I listened to some classic rock that played on the radio as the miles passed by. I just had to be sure to stay in the lane and not get carried away by the scenes along the way. 

On a Sunday during the summer there is a larger demand for the ferry. The island is a desirable place to be. With the tall mountains and the taller trees as well as the uninhibited nature of living life here it’s a close escape for the city folk such as myself. I didn’t come here to camp or to have a good time but I’m feeding off that energy and now have escape on my mind. Strangely I was the first in line in my lane again on this trip. On my way over here I had the same privelige a happy coincidence. 

Now that I have this stuff I can get it all sorted. My possessions are meager now all that I have can safely be stored in a tiny space. I whittle away stuff that’s not needed stuff that can safely be gotten rid of. I don’t have the proverbial baggage that accumulates throughout ones life. All these many places that I’ve lived in now have taught me that I don’t really need all that much stuff. It’s not like the all the stuff that now plagues the family home that my brother has or the multitude of things that my parents have. I know that some of it they want to pass down I think in the hope that we pass it on. 

The one thing that I’ve been paying close attention to are all the families with their kids all over the boat. How they interact with each other and how much laughter they share the kids do sometimes misbehave. It makes me think of having my own and it makes me think of the chances and of prospects and the way to achieving all of that. The most intimate and important aspects of life. Same themes keep repeating through my mind. 

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