Two Months and Two Dayz

Somehow I lost track of the amount of time it’s been since I’ve been back. Is it a good thing or a bad thing or just how it is. My morning bowl and coffee cup serve as a quiet moment in the morning to gather my thoughts of what just happened yesterday. In my unscientific anecdotal evidence it seems like the morning is my favorite time to write things down. If I have things to do early in the morning I try to finish my entry the night before. The vast majority of the photos posted were taken that day. I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m recycling. There is however a couple of conceptual projects that will make me look back and go through them all in order to thematically organize them. That will come at some future point. Maybe when the days finally get shorter and I have some time. 

There is an analytical bend that I want to start working on. There is a need to look deeply at serious and not so serious aspects of life that there is never enough time for. So far I have typed each and every word on my phone. I wonder how creativity will be affected by me trying this out behind a keyboard attached to a laptop. The convenience of sometimes writing as things happen might be lost. I don’t see myself abandoning using the phone as the main conduit for these thoughts. They will exist in perpetuity in cyberspace. 

The computer as well as the whole cloud system has been thrown into a loop as of late. Without a proper UK bank access I can’t change my account over to the Canadian one. There are these rules that prevent me from doing so even though it’s my account. It’s a bit frustrating. I can’t update certain things while this mess still makes its way through the system. There is light at the end of the tunnel I know and see it. That has so many meanings. 

Most of my entries have been a stream of consciousness. Small edits where necessary were and are made on the fly. I often think of all those literature courses that I’ve taken all those years back. I can see evolution from then to now in historical terms. How devices are used how language drives sounds and rhythm. Sometimes there is music playing in the background but oftentimes there is silence and/or the ambient noises of the streets. Sometimes I can’t hear what goes on totally absorbed in the mechanism of composition. 

What of the day itself? Anything interesting happen? With a lot of the work stuff I can’t really get into too much detail for obvious reasons. It’s like walking a tightrope and it’s easy to fall off. There are all kinds of rules and regulations and besides most of it is pretty padestrian. There is usually one or two people that stand out for whatever reason. There may be something about them something about their condition and how they are as people living out their lives. Like the one yesterday who had an epiphany about the way he treated a woman in his life a that time ago. I’m not sure if it was a confabulation of many into one or the conditions which he was suffering from. Some people have a way about them that makes you want to do more for them. Others with their attitude make you throw up your hands and say “why am I doing this?” It certainly isn’t for the money and as my colleague thanked me for complementing her efforts it isn’t for the thanks that are rare. There isn’t enough appreciation. Towards the end of my shift one client cussed me out. I didn’t want to make the scene more volatile than it already was. They were walking on a tightrope themselves and their state and my inferred life history didn’t warrant a response. In a way it was a miracle that they made it through the procedure. 

I’ve adapted to the afternoons and soon I will have to adapt to the mornings. I’m trying to take advantage walking through the city to see how it functions at this time. The weather continues to hold and it’s really nice out. I’m trying to make the best of it. 


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