It seems to happen around once a week usually falling on the same day. Things just happen, things that are never expected but they have an impact on your day. Ever notice that they happen often on a Monday?

I woke from my slumber and everything seemed fine until it came time to use the loo. The windowless space that serves as the flat’s relieving station has to have electricity to make it useable. I flicked the switch only to discover that there is no power to run the lights. Curious I backed away to investigate if other areas of the flat had the same affliction. The clock in the stove was nonexistant. Power has been cut off from getting there too. How am I going to make my morning cup of joe?

In my disheveled state I walked up the road  to Davie Street where there are a plethora of coffee shops. There is one in particular that makes a good cuppa joe. It’s one of those independent ones that has some attitude and has been around for a long time as far as I could remember. With my fix in my hand I walked down the street to the benches that have served me well over the past couple of weeks. They overlook Jervis as it continues down towards the beach. I composed myself and my thoughts listening to the sounds of construction in the air. There were two pours happening and there was all the traffic that comes associated with it. 

The hydro workers started to coalesce around the alley by my building. They always have traffic control people around them creating an exclusion zone. I went in to hook up my phone to the laptop. The olde battery was in need of some energy too. 

The power came back and then went out again just as I was going to jump into the shower before work. When the power goes out its not just appliances that are affected but also communication. There was no way to use the laptop to stream sounds that fill my space with joy. Recently I’ve been listening to this mix. Before it was a collection of debuts but it was inconsistent as some tracks were missing probably taken down for infringements. 

I’ve been a bit lazy lately. I need to be a bit more active especially since my present occupation doesn’t allow for much movement. Some of the procedures take a good hour sometimes more. So I’m sitting there running one sequence after another. I was going to go for a walk before work and have breakfast somewhere along the way. Power came in at the right time so I jumped into the shower to scrub myself down from the workout in my room. 

It’s a gorgeous day out perfect for a short walk around the way. There was a second location of a breakfast place that I frequent sometimes by the hospital. Perfect I thought and went in for some brekkie. The gregarious waitresses worked the room in a zombie like fashion. At least we had a good laugh about it. 

Looking at the clock in between reading about the developments in Bangkok that seemed to be happening at a breakneck speed. I realized that it was time to rush for my shift. The event in Bangkok has me feeling saddened. Reading about it took me there. It wasn’t all that long ago that I was there. I think I passed that shrine since I stayed not too far away from there. I certainly saw it from the metro line that runs along there. Events that happen in a place you’ve been to add a different dimension to how you perceive them. 

At work it was a “typical Monday” things didn’t go quite right or quite so easily as they could have. The pass-over is like handling a baton from one to the other while running at a pace. The transition is practiced but faults do happen. Lights flickered in the hospital throughout the day.  I guess whatever has been happening with the power affected this place as well. 

There were a lot of no shows which worked out great as I was dealing with some kind of effect that a patient was feeling. I don’t think it was contrast but it could have been related to their condition. Had to observe them for a while. After hours there is only a skeleton staff left. 

I ended up running late into the night past my scheduled time. Elbows are hard to image and when you have to do two of them it makes it even harder. Uniformity was difficult to maintain with certain sequences. Then I saw a message telling me that someone who used to be my neighbor while I went to BCIT was in the hospital. She is a good friends aunt. We talked later on in the night so that I could get an idea of what was going on with her. I could only do so much but at least I could explain what was going on and why they did what they did. When events happen it can sometimes be hard to deal with things in a straight way emotions get in the way. I hope things get better but ultimately we all know the end will come. 

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