On My Own

It can sometimes happen that a colleague can’t make it into work when they themselves feel under the weather. It can happen to anyone at any time getting sick. It meant that I was working by myself and this was a test to see how my abilities stack up to what is expected. I think I did alright. There were some tougher moments but overall I kept on time. It feels good to feel like the abilities are there. 

Everyday challenges pop up and one has to come up with solutions to them. The immediate problems have outcomes that can be seen or felt immediately whilst others are problems and solutions that require a longer trajectory and strategy for their resolution. 

Sometimes at the end of the day I want to turn this problem solving apparatus within my brain off. This is especially true with respect to my own dilemmas. Enjoying the relative peace and calm of on ordinary day the moments after a performance or accomplishment. 

Sometimes it’s just nice to watch some show and forget about it. I happened to pick True Detective to unwind with and got engrossed in the dark brooding characters on display. It seemed stereotypical to me. The way in which troubles that accumulate over the years within these characters becomes displayed in their behavior. Is this the way to cope?  

Before the show began I read a few articles about the inspiration for this show. There is an actual town in California that operates this way but of course this was fictionalized for dramatic effect. I’ll see the show through to the end a mild escape to the everyday. 

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