Real Life

It was an early start to this day. It’s been the first time in a long time that I started at seven. I’ve been getting used to the afternoons and now my role will change slightly and be more focused on days. The hot weather and the short nights have made it difficult for rest to happen. The occasional car alarms and general passing chatter sometimes rouses one from slumber. Then there are the seagulls trumpeting their dominance over this land. 

The slate was full and it had its complications that I was warned about. The early difficulty came and went. Then there was a reaction in another case and we had to call a… well I don’t want to go into the specifics here. It turned out alright saw the mechanism in action. The coordinated effort the inter actions and counter actions. It is a well oiled machine well versed in its operation. 

Had a chat with a patient as I was cannulating them in preparation for their procedure. They relayed a story about their stay years ago and how they never found what actually caused them to be admitted in the first place. We are following up now on their progress. 

I looked at my walking stats and noticed a perceptible fall in the amount of steps I’ve taken lately. It must be due to the proximity to my place of employment and not carrying the phone around so as to avoid damaging it with close proximity to the magnet. 

I was watching video of the explosion that happened in Tianjin. That looked pretty crazy. We went through that area on our way to Beijing. That is a lot of destruction based on the pictures I saw. 

My internet connection has slowed to a crawl. I don’t know what is going on maybe a bit of congestion…. 😐

There has to be a counter balance to the negativity and there is a spirit that perseveres. I feel a bit guilty for just coming back and just reading the news. There was no time for pictures or no desire to go out and find an image so I look back through the limited timeline that this app allows. There were some that still haven’t been put up. I make it a point to take pics of flowers. There are many that I’ve passed. They have a positive symbolism to them and they counteract the negative symbolism found elsewhere. 

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