What is really happening is me trying to get all the photos stored in iCloud downloaded onto my hard disk. It’s been a long and tedious process. The databases have not synchro together properly so that some of the photos that I’ve taken on my phone have not been added to Photos. Since I’ve taken thousands of photos this has caused me to search and download them from the other back up that I had thankfully set up. Those photos are still in iCloud somewhere but I’m having a difficult time downloading them. 

So the better part of the afternoon has been spent waiting for various things to download and upload. I’m determined to post these pictures on Facebook before I leave for work this morning. The poor computer was struggling with all the data transmission that I was putting it through. 

I don’t know why I woke up so early but I’m just going with it. I did get plenty of sleep at the parents house the night before. 

I had a rare visit from my brother yesterday. He is in town finishing a project that he had taken on. We went to the Eatery to have some funky sushi rolls. We had a chance to catch up and talk about various things that have been happening in our lives lately. We shared a few laughs and the banter that goes along with a brotherly relationship. 

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