The Next Day

Talked to an old friend this morning to try to set up a visit later on this month. It seems like I’ve been in one place too long and it’s time to get away from this city and go for a visit. Over the next couple of days I’ll have to sort out how I’m going to get there. It would be easy to just drive there but alas there is no car and flying is too expensive. That’s a thing to keep track of. 

It was good to talk and talk we did as old friends do about the immediate and the major things that happen in life. Dem bones hold a lifetime of experience and the changes that accompany those and the marks that get left behind. Life is different out there in the countryside and that is what I’m craving to see. For some reason nature is calling me to the interior a subtle voice that came at some point and snowballed into the present idea. There will certainly plenty to talk about and it would seem I should get on the sorting of my pictures so that they could at least be presentable and not a chaotic mess of thousands of images. 

This morning I went to pick up a fresh batch of coffee from JJ Bean. This used to be just a coffee place with a precious few outlets but now they seem to have spread and become a competitor to the global behemoth that I still frequent. It’s the convenience of paying with the app as well as their locations that keep bringing me back. Then I had to go to the bank to withdraw my rent money. I’ve been neglectful in this as the payday aren’t in tune with rental dues. Good thing he is an understanding guy whom I fear I will not see often due to our varying schedules. At least for now. 


It’s after work now. The night is once again quiet except for a few stragglers venturing out or back in I’m not sure where. I don’t ask because eye contact is non existent or very fleeting. Those girls I passed earlier that I thought were peeing on the sidewalk were really just pouring some water and seeing how it flows. Their conversations stopped as I walked by. There is a silence that amplifies all the noises like the sounds of the buzzer or the clap from flip flops as they walk along. Then there is the laughter of someone on their balcony or maybe they are just walking down the alley way I won’t know for sure for a while. 

It was another somewhat busy day. Quickly saw my brother as he dropped by to pick up some keys. He liked watching me work I think. His parking was running short so he had to leave. I was busy in between cases running from one place to another setting things up joking with the patients. It’s not all doom and gloom and it’s worth laughing to at least enjoy a bit of the experience. Not everyone we encounter has got some deadly disease. A lot of them have had some kind of a chronic pain and finally got a chance to have it examined with the scan. That lady in particular had a great sense of humor and a nice laugh. 

Aggrr the sound of a car alarm. It was quickly silenced. It’s always the same loudness but at this time of night it is particularly loud. As is the quiet conversation happening on a bench not far from me. Normally during the day it would never be heard. That drone of noise gets raised up a level during the day. Noticeably so in comparison to now. I wonder if I could hear the same array of things during the day. Never really remember to pay attention to that. Maybe I should as an experiment. The same goes for the smells that are wafting about. That bin has got something putrid inside. I won’t sit here for too much longer. Maybe perhaps one more bowl. I miss the walks back to the old flat even if sometimes they felt like a pain in the butt. I think it’s time to call it a night though. 

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