Sunday on Friday

Not quite the day I expected but a day nonetheless. Wundays have a feel all of their own and having the tail end of my personal weekend on a Friday just isn’t the same. There are many who are away and others are busy that scheduling conflict gets in the way. I had a few things to take care of. The main thing was to pick up my paycheque again. 

I asked to speak to one of the ladies and she said they never got my fax. This whole thing is a debacle now. I’m glad I have a photocopy of the things I sent them. Calling would have been pointless as you’re hit with an answering machine and they never call back. 


As I was writing last night waiting for a friend to get off work I was interrupted. Some guy sat down on the bench and soon we were having a conversation. We were talking about all kinds of stuff and then suddenly we heard a smash. Someone threw a glass from one of the apartments above. We couldn’t see which one it was but Thom called it in. He has seen it before as he comes to this bench to smoke. He can’t smoke in his own flat because of the various bylaws that are in place now in Vancouver. One time he said that someone threw a can of tomato sauce. It’s a foolish thing to be doing especially since there are so many people walking around here. 

Eventually Hiro finished his work and we decided to meet up in Gastown. It’s just a short walk from where I was waiting. We said our goodbyes and see us laters and I was on my way. We were meeting up at Guu. I got there first and made a reservation as there was a line up for seats. Once he showed up the line up was still on and we decided to find another drinking establishment. In Gastown there are plenty to choose from. 

We walked down the street and entered the first pub. We ordered the most normal if the craft beer selection on tap and proceeded to talk about how we feel being back. How the adjustment was going and stories from our journeys and our days back in Vancouver. 
We kept talking as we went from the first pub to the Cambie and having another round and then another and then some shots and you can see where this is going. It was turning into a pub crawl. The Cambie had its usual assortment of characters and although it’s been slightly refurbished the charm of this place has remained intact. We watched the door guys remove a drunken patron. His friends followed him outside. A bit of commotion that was hardly noticed by most enjoying themselves inside. 

We moved on to the next spot the now familiar confines of MIA. We had a quick drink and chatted to my friend standing outside working the door of a near empty place. The Squamish Music Festival has drawn many people outside the city. Summer in general sees many places empty as the draw of nature is greater than the draw of a sweaty club. Mind you it was still quite early. 

Nevertheless we continued on to the Red Room where another one of my friends is working. This place was packed with many revellers lined up outside the door as we slipped in through the side. One drink turned into many and that’s when the dancing began. 

This carried on way too long but just as long as was necessary. There was someone who peaked my interest but sadly had someone that she is attached to. All we did was dance though and that’s a fun thing to do always. Strangers in the night. 

It was good to meet up with old friends. Now  I know where to find them. It was a fun night to go out bar hopping a kind of a Gastown crawl. Living in the Wast End also makes it convenient to stumble back to bed. I’ve been trying to finish this all day in between eating and my breaks. It’s been a long day at work not because of a hangover but because of a lack of sleep. Tonight sleep will be most welcome. 

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