Measured in Coffee Cups

There is a lot of data stored in them there SD cards. The process of downloading and sorting them has finally begun. Bit by bit the quanta of information stream into the unused virgin space of the external drive with the capacity to hold it all. It’s going to be copied again sometime. I’m determined to finally put all my images together. There will be another dose as I search trough the archived drives that populate my boxes scattered everywhere. Just like them I will strive to bring them all back together. If only for a short while. 

It’s my last day in this series of workdays. I’m probably a bit frazzled unable to effectively deal with the public outside the safe confines of a work environment. I pace to the grocery store and mumble the items that I want to get and end up getting more. As I pay the cashier the shock of the cost is offset by the abstract nature of our transaction. It only starts to hurt when the machine says “insufficient funds” in capital letters. You read that statement in a scary voice. It hasn’t happened to me yet my math can still function in round approximate numbers no need to be counting pennies. I only have hundreds of cuts not the thousands that are required. I’m still young they tell me. 

It rained and with the clouds come the gloomy thoughts that erase the optimism from the brow and introduce the furrow of gloom. It’s just a metaphoric segway onto another subject that is still related to the other thing I was talking about but then getting lost in the roundabout trying to get to a point. It’s amazing how quickly green becomes a color of prominence in these conditions. It’s amazing how the temperature falls and with it the rise of lament over the impending end of summer. August has just barely started right? 


The boss took some time to point out some error in my scans. I told him that so far he’s pointed out things that were not the ones I was concerned about. Sometimes one can’t get the scan done properly for a myriad of reasons. The fault pointed out to me today was truly valid. I can’t believe that I made such mistakes. It’s nice though to get this feedback and to learn from these mistakes. It’s not a criticism of me of my abilities but a way of providing a mechanism through which to learn and to grow. My perfectionism or penchant for a bit o’ that olde OCD that gets affected. My sense of worth has tied up in it the sense of doing a good job. So I have to pay better attention to the way one thing changes another and the way that turns into the final form. That outcome is affected by the settings that initially began that acquisition process. The world speaks just have to listen. 

What does the world say and who is saying it? That is another tangent that will have to wait. The shift was over yesterday and this morning as I wonder around the flat finishing off my uploads thoughts turn to thinking of what to do with myself. It’s nice to muse about things but something has to be done. It’ll be nice to meetup with an old friend or two. 


2 thoughts on “Measured in Coffee Cups

  1. Im sorry I have never commented before.. but usually I manage to catch you for a moment or two and we get to talk, I find myself still reading your blog everyday, I find something comforting in it 🙂 Not in a strange way but after having you as a flat mate, I think I miss the banter. Keep it up Pete

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