It Just Happens To Be There

A block away a measly few minutes and I’m right there by the water. Right there the shores of the Pacific Ocean contour to the land of the West Coast. I’m right there beside it. I can kind of see it as I look carefully through my window. 

There was an errand that had to be run in the morning. There were the phone calls and the hour or so spent talking with the friendly (actually for once) people at the bank. It seems like they finally got to the bottom of my problem. It took them a while. 

It was the errand that finally got me to walk by the shore. That shore that extends around every rock that lines the shore. That shore that lines every grain of sand that lies in the beach. I have to take advantage of this. 

It’s another beautiful day but I have the start of day six to contend with. There are only the few usable hours in the morning before it actually starts to be time to work. Tomorrow I have another task that I have to do. I just got a friendly reminder on whatsapp to get my ducks in order. Those pictures from China have to be shared. Those pictures from China have to be carefully transferred onto a safe place. Those pictures from the whole trip have to be sorted. I have to make sure I get everything backed up finally. 

Now at this moment I am gathering my thoughts before the start of my day. The flatmate should be back tonight so I’ll have to quietly sneak back in after completing my shift.

I looked at the exchange rate again and it was a painful sight. What’s the point of living in the parent when the past bites in the arse and the future is a sketch not yet drawn or committed to in paper. It’s a swirl of ideas that are yet to be actualized. My present is the immediate ways in which I need to survive. The goal is to thrive and get above the rest. It’s to live life as fully as I can, it’s to laugh and be happy and appreciate all that I can. It’s to wake up holding someone close and enjoy those quiet mornings amongst the loud ones that are spent rushing off. Moments some of which are yet to be and those that I’ve had already. It’s obsessive to think about it yet at the same time important to keep in mind as these goals are what ultimately drive one forward. These are the steps being climbed towards that next level. Step by step, day by day, hour by hour. 

Coming home I was physically tired but mentally satisfied with how the day went. I was supervising one of the new hirees in her quest to become familiar with the way that things get done. At least scanning late into the night will provide her with some much needed experience in how things work and how the scans are performed on these magnets. The thing about these systems especially in MRI is that the sequences are vendor specific. They do roughly the same thing but the acronym is vendor specific and how one goes about manipulating the settings is vendor specific as well. I think with a bit of time and some practice she’ll be a good tech. Her path toward certification was a lot different than mine. In Alberta they started a new program where MRI is the first certification. No more slangin through a first discipline towards operating a magnet. It’s something I wished was around when I was looking for this program. I wouldn’t of been able to do what I have done since then. Life would have been a lot different. 

It’s a cloudy morning and I could muse about all the different possibilities until the cows come home. It’s probable best to do something productive for a bit 😐😊

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