Title What Is Yet To Be

🎶 Sunny Days..

Sunny, sunny…. Sunny Days 🎶

There are fifteen minutes before I have to head in. The fourth day in my marathon of work. I have this ditty tune playing in my mind as I sit in quiet and contemplate the weather but really nothing at all. It’s a Bank Holiday here and I am approaching the start of a shift that will be profitable for me and completely necessary for my bank account. 

Last night one of the patients remarked at our dedication and I told him that with the limited resources that are allocated to health care and the obvious need we operate extended hours throughout the year. This is a benefit for everyone but someone has to be here to do the work. That somebody happens to be my colleague and myself. There was a little bit of pity and gratitude mixed into the reaction to that. 

This morning was nice and relaxing. I focused on doing things for myself in terms of improvement and necessity. Limiting my time forces my hand and motivates me to accomplish these little goals or little steps that will lead to my evolution. I’m going for broke towards uncharted territory that will lead to my success and triumph. Maybe some of these things should have been taken care of a long time ago but maybe this is the time to get them done and continue on my path. In Ancient Greek times a citizen wasn’t recognized until adulthood. Their prominence and value was only recognized when they have paid their dues. I see many parallels in my life to these concepts of citizenry. 

…And another day is in the books. There were a few interesting cases but mostly it was a routine day. Some were surprised that we were open today. Again they were happy that we were. There was the claustrophobic patient that was in tears by the time I got her out. I managed to mention some of the common reasons for the condition and she was among those. I was busy and I knew I had to take a break when my mind and my eyes couldn’t take the screen concentration anymore. I think I understand why I am not on my laptop typing away. 

I need to get away from the city. I think I know where I may go. Hopefully it’ll work out. It’s August already about six months left until a new direction takes hold. 

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