Unpacking is Like Shuffling


Just had a visit to everyone’s favourite big box home decor shop. I needed legs. Not like the legs that are attached to a body but ones that support a surface. It’s kind of a surreal experience. The place was quite empty. I tried to keep my purchases to a minimum. It’s hard when this and this “could” be useful. Resistance is not futile. 

In order to sort things out a good surface is needed. These legs will be sturdy and they’ll give me the flexibility I wanted. This is interior design on a budget. I need to sort my space out fast it’s kind of on my mind. The process is enjoyable for me. I’ve developed a system now. It’s evolved over the multitude of moves I’ve done. This is modern vagabond. Hip hopping and going round and round. I’ve been thinking about necessities and portability. 

The mellow sounds of my playlist complement my speed of travel on Vancouver’s transit system. This Canada line they’ve built is way too small. It’s so short only two carriages long. 


Put it all together and threw away the trash. Now the more daunting task of sorting everything can commence. I just need a few more pieces and the place will be habitable. The piece du resistance is the chin up bar and whiteboard. There is a plan for that as well. I just drifted off thinking about it. I need to go and get a tape measure. 


I’m done for today. I went over to my former place and picked up some kitchen wares. I know I had some stuff but didn’t expect that much. I’ll sort it all out tomorrow. My flatmate is sleeping now. We finally had a chance to see and talk with each other. I think we will be alright living together. We might learn a little from each other. 

So far I haven’t gone too crazy with my purchases. The legs were the most expensive thing that I bought. They are ship able. I have a lot of pictures to put up. It is a mixture of old an new. I’ll be adding to my collection. I’ll need a printer and a scanner. I’ll take my old one back maybe. I dunno. This whole time right now still seems a bit surreal. 

It was good to talk with Bernie. He pointed out that I managed to find a flatmate who goes away every weekend just like he did. He even has black couches. The similarities start to taper off there I’m afraid. The mold was broken after him. 

Had a good visit with Cheryl. We ended up actually having a great conversation about ethics and law and how it all relates to society and the individual. What motivates us to act in a particular way? What limits do we place on our own behavior and do these limits stem from our empathy towards others? The conversation was far reaching. How do we decide the direction where our society should go? We search for a philosophy or principle that will guide us. How do we reach that consensus? Is a simple majority the right way to go? Always? 

Such tangents are a welcome reprieve. I need to go further. I need to explore some more. 

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