Waiting for the “Celebration of Light”

I’m gonna live in the present and only focus on the things around me as they pierce and grab my attention. Now that I have my spot I’m watching the sun go down. The spots are slowly filling up and there is a limited number of them. 

There’s a guy playing spacey flamenco blues. It sounds nice. I’m by the water and the small waves caress the rocks as they lap onto the shore. The cops are observing the crowd from the boat. There is generally a lot of talking going on. I space out momentarily as I peer off into the water. Some movement off in the distance catches my attention. There is a live performance down the shore. The sound is unrecognizeable to me. Just the beat and the crushing sound of the cymbal. 

The kids are stacking rocks off to the side of me. They are trying to balance one on top of the other as high as they can. Thoughts from different times keep trying to grab my attention. More people are joining the group to my right. The cops are coming in for a closer look. 

A little later now. The sun’s behind the mountains. The sunglasses are stowed away in my bag. In trying to figure out if the kids beside me are really stoned or not. They are performing some maneuver with one of the coast guard vessels. So I’m watching instead of filming and then I missed it. That’s a display for us in attendance. Damn it they did it again and I missed it! I know what I saw and I know what I wrote. I guess I was in two places at once after the other. They are stoned or something quie animated. Some rules are being laid down by a girl to the guy. There are loud squealing sounds. They are talking about someone who’s not present. I’m eavesdropping as I observe the woman clamouring on the rocks to pose for a shot. She clearly doesn’t want to get hurt. All the city parks including the beaches are now smoke “free”. With the hot dry weather lately there is also public shaming that goes on through social media. I’m hoping no one sits in front of me. That old couple got the glare from me. They’re in my old spot. 

I can hear the performance on stage a lot better now. I recognize the tune it’s by Randy Bachman I believe. Vancouver’s big on classic rock. 

A new bunch of kids came and disturbed the peace blaring some Spanish rock from their beats pill. It’s a mixed hodge podge in that group I’m guessing they’re foreign students. They’re taking selfies together in various mixtures and combinations. I noticed that one of them has a glove on his right hand. It appears that he lost all of his fingers sometime. I admire their youthful exuberance. They certainly are loud. One of the girls just dropped the bag of food into the water. I watched them climb down here. They didn’t look that sure in their feet. Loud squeals for no reason. They must have had a few drinks unless that one loud guy is always like that. Spellcheck Freudian slip auto-correction “onerous” lol. 

The test shot went out already. It shouldn’t be that long now. These last few hours just spent sitting here are that moment that I needed. Although I could have used a more comfortable spot. No worries though. 

Got a lot of shots šŸ˜€

There were a lot of well behaved people out tonight and a few that were worse for ware. There was some exuberance and a communal feeling of having had a good time. 


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