The Last In This Series

The series is this stretch of days working. I thought that I would get a chance to head out to a shop and buy some things for the place… for the room really. When I woke up I realized that sleep would be the better option. 

We had the last of the new hirees start today. We only had a couple of hours and even then I was on the periphery making sure things moved along. The induction process is important. She’ll be on her own when she’s on her own. We all are. Just the colleague who’s a cross the way on their own late into the night. 

If I didn’t go somewhere I made myself be productive by checking out what it is that I brought with me. Some of it is not really worth unpacking. I’m only going to pack it up in a few months anyways. There are some things that I won’t part with. A lot of these are pictures. Some of these things are trinkets collected along the road to now. 

My brother told me that I am not living in the present after I told him that I locked myself out of the control room. He said that I used tiredness and my multitasking as justifications in a defensive stance. My colleagues said that was deep and we all laughed at the situation including myself. We could all relate and what happened was funny. I kind of get a kick out of both stories. Both of them could have been a lot worse. There could have been a patient on the scanner and I could have not been able to pick that lock. 

Vancouver gets quiet at night. As I sit here now close to the water on a bench by Sunset beach. A waft of air drifts by from the guy sitting on the other bench beside me. The moon drifts in and out of view through the clouds drifting along propelled by the ocean breeze that constantly flows onto shore. It’s been milder and chillier the past couple of days.  It should start beating up though, soon. 

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