Shorted Myself Maybe

For a Reason. It was for a good cause. Now I’m left thinking about it. It’s like it was another life back then and it was. Being part of something at any point in your life is worth while. To participate actively. To know that and to have that connection after all these years. 

I shored myself on sleep voluntarily. My boss even switched shifts with me. This was an important enough event. A fourtieth birthday. Not everyone gets to say that or even experience that. I still have some time. From the remnants it looked like a good party. I couldn’t be there on time. I had to finish my shifts. 

These last few days have been long ones. Ten and thirteen hour days tend to add up. I’m so glad I live close to work. Even though now I have to sneak by work hoping that I don’t have to encounter anyone in a somewhat inebriated state. Still it’s worth it. 

I did it again. I managed to lock myself out of the control room yesterday. We have to be mindful of always closing the door to the scanning room. This control room door has the lock switched to the locked position. I haven’t had much sleep lately. It was late at night. The fireworks are on tonight. “The Festival of Light” it used to be called. I just wanted to finish fast and efficiently. It was a reactionary move. I haven’t been the only one to have done this. I realized my mistake and made a reactionary move to prevent the door from locking. I was just a bit to late. I swore under my breath. 

There were two active codes in separate parts of the hospital. A code white and a code red. Two inside to that required the attention of the security guards. They have a master key. I even called a colleague who was at the fireworks. I didn’t really expect him to drop everything and come rushing over to open the door. He had a long day and was with his girlfriend. He was an option in case all the other avenues never opened. The departmental master key is gone. It’s been gone for a while. My key is on order the moratorium on new keys has expired. 

There was a power bump that day. The scan stopped producing some interesting results. The rest of the day was busy. It’s always been busy and always will here. It does make me feel good to know that I’ve accomplished something. I don’t do this just for money. I enjoy the challenge and the science behind what I do now. I feel like I’m here to help for a little bit. I could live here but I need a down payment. I can cover the rates. 

I saw a lot of people tonight but it was hard to know what to say to each other. It was kind of a shock. How is it going to be with some other close friends? I can’t wait to see them. This passage of time…

I shorted myself but it was for a good cause. What’s a little bit of sleep? Life just keeps evolving. There are many different ways that it can go. A plan is evolving I think. Where is it going to go?

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