Pause for a Second

These days the schedule is my friend as well as my nemesis. There is no way around having to be there earning, all those other things have to be fit in sometime somewhere. I look forward to having some time to acclimate and in between the waves I see shore in the distance. 

At work inexperience sometimes shows itself at the worst times. That split second counts but sometimes it’s the complicated steps that once were familiar that have been lost to time. They are that curb that you don’t see or notice that trips you up. It tripped me up. These are learning experiences and at least this was a bonus sequence and not the diagnostic one. 

I really can’t complain too much I’m just critical of my own performance. It also has to do with my ambitions. These next six months will be critical to my next five years and beyond. This added pressure I’ve added to myself is at once a wonderful experience and on the other hand a challenge to be mitigated in between life’s unexpected and scheduled events. 

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