Another Chapter Begins

What did I do? Is this really happening? Did I just lock myself out on this patio? Fuck I did. I forgot to bring my toiletries and some clothes that I had washed and hung up to dry. I don’t start work until two and I’m on my way to pick up my paycheck again. They haven’t put through my banking details it seems so no automatic deposit. 

This door was never locked when we lived here. It was never locked when I stayed here over the last couple of weeks. It didn’t even occur to me to check as the door opened without trouble as I turned the handle. I came out here for some fresh air and to admire the rain soaked view. It’s been raining quite heavily today. This is much needed rain. 

My phone, the keys and everything else is inside. I can see it scattered inside on the table and the floor. I had just a bit of the coffee I bought left inside the paper cup. There is no one here and there isn’t anyone next door either. Even if there was how am I to get a hold of her? Did I lock the front door when I entered the flat? How long would it be before I started to climb down? I’m on the third floor here. I feel very smart right now. Breathe. 

Is there anything that I could pick the lock with? Is the lock pickable? The window is locked. How much would it cost to replace? It’s double glazed might be a few quid. That’s a last resort option. Let’s have a closer look at this lock. There is a bit of a gap. I wonder if I could wedge something inside there and open the mechanism. This flat end of the BBQ brush might work. If I break it off I might be able to wedge it in there. That won’t really work. Can’t get the right angle. What about that wire from the candle holder? If I twist it and bend it into shape. There that does it. Whew! 😀😎

Now I can go on and pick up that cheque. This is kind of ridiculous that they have taken this long for my auto deposit to come through. What’s taking them so long. This is taking too long. 

After the debacle of a couple of days ago I spent my last night with my flatmates. Or my curvy mates as we joked. I told them about the day I had. It felt good to release that energy. It’s also a good thing that I checked my schedule. I had to be at work in the morning. 

Work was intense. It wasn’t busy in the sense that there was a lot to do it just took some focus. We new starters manned one of the magnets. We had complicated cases to get through. We remained on time and even though it took some effort it was a good day. We went through the orientation again to finish off my compulsory induction. I still have all kinds of paperwork to fill out that I haven’t had the time to get to. 

On my super late break I had a chance to call home and spoke with my sis about what transpired there with K. They had a discussion and she even went through some paperwork from that time. She says that it may turn out that we overpaid him then. I don’t know if that turns out to be the case but it’s funny to hear that. When I talked to my dad about the situation he didn’t seem as upset as we were. He said that it just shows the type of person that he is. He called him a “big businessman” in a condescending tone. 

Me and my sis did go a bit overboard with our response in retrospect. However it was kind of insulting and my sis communicated that to him. He gave another portion towards the kettle and once my sis checks the year for payments to him he will give the rest. If we overpaid he will give us that money too so he says. 

When I came back to the flat I knew that I spent my last night over here. I needed to get the stuff I had here to the new place. One of my hosts is leaving for Vegas on Friday, today. We were all in one place all together for one last time. It was fun staying here with these two. I’m grateful for their hospitality. It gave me a chance to have a look around an implant myself into life here. 

I cabbed myself to my new place. I had some time to unpack a little and and spent my sorts night there. My new flatmate is gone visiting his gf in another city. I have an idea of how I want the place to look. I have an idea of how long I’ll be here. This place has to serve a purpose. It’s utilitarian. 

I’m standing in the Bank waiting to get my paycheck verified. I went to my bank branch close to me and tried to deposit it. They wouldn’t release the funds right away. Supposedly since this is a new employer depositing money into my account they have to hold the funds for verification the first few times. What? I am at my employers bank branch paying good money to get it “certified” for deposit and release of funds right away. I have to pay rent. I apologized to the teller. She understands how ridiculous I find this. 

A lot has happened in the intervening thirty some odd hours. It was my old boss’ sixtieth birthday. After lunch and talking to my bro I stopped in and wished her all the best in person. On my way out I visited with my old friends/ colleagues. I even had a chance to talk with Dr. B. He had quite the scare a couple of years ago. He was close to the edge. He asked me about what I’m doing and what I’m doing here. I told him about what is on my mind. He told me his opinion. I appreciate his candor and honesty. 

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